Iron Cage Mask is an independent Masked Monster in the Black Cross Army and the thirteenth independent Masked Monster to appear. He is the antagonist of episode 40 of Himitsu Sentai Gorenger.

He is voiced by Eisuke Yoda.


Iron Cage Mask is brought in from Arabia by the Black Cross Führer to find a weakness to deal with the Gorenger with the continuous failures of Temujin and his forces. The Masked Monster discovers that the key for dealing with the Gorenger both involved taking care of their teamwork and destroying Variblune: to deal with both, he creates a scheme where he lures two of the Gorenger, Peggy and Asuka, to a location where he abducts Momorenger and hypnotizes her into hating her Gorenger teammates as well as planting a bomb on her for destroying Variblune. When she finally is reunited with the other Gorenger, she throws down the bomb within the airship, it damages the engine but the male Gorenger escape while Peggy continues to have problems in trying to transform into Momorenger.

With the team weakened, Iron Cage Mask decides to further torment the other Gorenger using a ritual for harm via an occultist; but the occultist turns out to be Peggy, sneaking into the Black Cross headquarters with fake bombs in order to try and force the Masked Monster to remove the mental block preventing her transformation, even attacking the Furher himself before he gets away in a skull-like form. Iron Cage Mask seals Momorenger while he gets away in a prison with fire surrounding her, forcing her with all her will to finally break the block and transform. When confronting it, Momorenger uses an Earring Bomb to distract it while the team uses a Gorenger Storm to change into a "temari" (a Japanese handball) that lodges into Iron Cage Mask's head. After yelling at Temujin to help him, the general walks away knowing there is nothing he can do about it before it finally explodes destroying the mystical Masked Monster.

Powers and Abilities

Iron Cage Mask has many mystical abilities at his disposal: he possesses a glowing blue gem that can hypnotize people to force them to do whatever he commands, a machine that can emit smoke on his head, possesses an "Iron Cage Belt" that can both wrap an opponent or harden to attack them, and can even spin his head 360 degrees. He also possesses an "Iron Cage" staff.


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