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Iron Klaw GI Joe

Iron Claw was the main antagonist of the G.I. Joe Extreme cartoon series and its comic book adaptation.


Iron Claw is the leader of SCAR, a group that is enemies with the new generation of GI Joe, and he goes by the name Count von Reimi to cover up his evil acts. He is also a terrible boss to his soldiers, often killing them for minor inconveniences. He had to murder his way to the top and is far more ruthless than even Cobra Commander. He once served the duchess of Miklavia but grew frustrated with her lack of ambition and after being told off too many times, he murdered her and took control of her operations, after which he lead SCAR again the world and later become major foes for the new generation of G.I. Joe. He would eventually be defeated and captured.


  • Despite being replacements for Cobra, Iron Claw and his group are popular in the series, even more popular than the heroes.

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