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Now, the time is here,
For Iron Man to spread fear!
Vengeance from the grave,
Kills the people he once saved!
~ Iron Man about its protagonist's descent into villainy.

The Iron Man is the main protagonist villain in the Black Sabbath song of the same name. He is an unnamed man of good intent who built a time machine and traveled to the future, only to glimpse an apocalypse in progress through a robotic threat.

Immediately, he began to make the trip back to save the world from this terror. But somehow, the return trip warped his body into a hulking metal form, in which he was unable to communicate his dire warning, and was attacked instead. Enraged, he began tearing civilization apart, leading to himself being the cause of the apocalypse he tried to warn people of. The story is a simple but savage time loop, driven home by the band's primal driving chords and beats.



  • This version is obviously not the heroic Marvel Comics character, but has become associated with him, especially since the song's use in the Iron Man feature films, to which Robert Downey, Jr. payed homage to by wearing a Black Sabbath T-Shirt during the 2012 Avengers feature film.
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