And in the black corner, weighing in at 440 pounds, with an unbeaten record of 40 straight wins. The unbeatable, the unstoppable, IRON SLUGGER!
~ Palethorn introducing the Iron Slugger

The Iron Slugger was a brutal minion of Lord Palethorn from MediEvil 2 and was a Frankenstein's monster parody designed specifically for "boxing" (though the match was FAR more sadistic than any real-world boxing, with Iron Slugger frequently ripping the limbs off of his opponent).


In order to face the behemoth, Dan must attach himself to a custom made monster body of his own and engage it in the ring. After each round, Dan has the chance to recollect missing limbs - Iron Slugger is a very tough opponent, but eventually ends up being defeated in a manner quite similar to Monty Python's Black Knight (having all his limbs removed, yet still trying to fight).

After Iron Slugger is defeated, Palethorn goes into a rage and swears revenge for his humiliation - suggesting Palethorn was very proud of his reigning champion.


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