I can't see. Darn.
~ Final words before death

The Iron Trap Mask is the eighth of Black Cross Volcano Mask General Magman's Masked Monsters.

He is voiced by Eisuke Yoda and his human form is portrayed by Kenji Ushio.


The Iron Trap Mask made his first appearance when he led an attack of an EAGLE base by a Condoler fleet, but used it to begin a smear campaign against the Gorengers and here's why he used a special EAGLE hotline that it was Varidreen that lead the attack on its own men and further more he'd smeared the airship through public displays to make public opinion turn against the team and their weapon.

Shinmei tries to initially fight him on his own, but can't get his arrows from Ultra Blue Cherry through due to Iron Trap Mask's face catching all of them. When Aorenger tries to ask where the "Varidreen that attacked the EAGLE base" came from, he revealed a fake second Varidreen model on Navarone, to force Shinmei to think that the Black Cross had their own version of the airship and thus why it couldn't be trusted no matter who flew it.

So after discovering the revelation that Varidreen was designed and built by computer Shinmei decides to trick the Iron Trap Mask by disguising Daita as the Varidreen designer in order for to force the Black Cross to invade and capture him. So when initially trying to catch him via a rope they began to have a game of tug-of-war, until Kaijo rips the rope apart with the Varitank, so they resort to plan B which is smoke bombs and when that plan succeeds they ultimately captures him, but he is tricked into seeing he held Kirenger.

Daita convinces the Gorengers to not fall for Iron Trap Mask's trap-laden field which is covered in bear traps leading up to a confrontation with the monster itself. So when Aorenger fires the arrows at Iron Trap Mask this time, it ends up with glue upon it that forces the trap down and prevents it from reopening thus sealing his face. After that he was then destroyed by this finisher called Gorenger Hurricane which transformed into a butterfly and surprisingly collecting butterfly is one of Iron Trap Mask's hobby which latches onto the closed trap making it explode thus killing him in the process.


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