Ironbar Bassey is the secondary antagonist of the 1985 Max Rockatansky movie, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.

He was portrayed by Angry Anderson.


Head of Bartertown's security and Aunty Entity's second in command. He goes with Max and The Collector, a villain and one of Aunty's henchmen, to meet Aunty Entity, the villainess and ruler of Bartertown, and it's there that they put Max through an audition, which he passes. He later tells Master and Blaster to lisen to the law when Max engages em. After Max defeats Blaster, Aunty orders Ironbar to kill Blaster.

Then later he demands Master to fix an object of Underworld and when he refuses he puts him down in a pool of pigs. Aunty stops this by saying to use him and not kill him and when Master is brought up she tells him to do what Ironbar says. Small but a deadly enemy for Max and the rest of the heroes. He later fights Max and the other heroes when they come and rescue Master.

He wore a doll's head standard on his back and developes a hatred throughout the movie towards Max Rockatansky. Strangely enough too, he's able to survive near-death incidents, but he meets his end, where Max drives into him to clear a path through Aunty and the rest of her henchmen to allow the rest of the heroes to escape, which they do you know. He's last seen giving the middle finger to the heroes.


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