Ironclad is a supervillain from Marvel comics who has taken on Captain America, Hulk and other prominent heroes.



Mike Steel was an engineer, a scientist, and a pilot before gaining his superhuman powers. With his teammates, he attempted to duplicate the original rocket flight of the Fantastic Four through a cosmic ray belt, and gained superhuman powers just as the Fantastic Four did. His team then first battled the Hulk, although during the battle Ironclad lost control of his powers and sank into the ground. Later, he rescued his teammate X-Ray and was reunited with the U-Foes. They again battled the Hulk and this time defeated him. In triumph, they exhibited the captive Bruce Banner on national television. However, Banner was freed by Rick Jones, Betty Ross, and the alien Bereet, and Banner transformed into the Hulk and defeated the U-Foes. With the U-Foes, Ironclad later escaped a special government prison, but was accidentally "deflected" by team leader Vector into the "Crossroads" dimension. There, he battled the Hulk and defeated him with the help of the alien "Puffball Collective," though he became trapped in a dimension of quicksand. Ironclad later escaped back to the "Crossroads" dimension, and with the U-Foes he escaped back to Earth through a dimensional warp unintentionally opened by the Mutant Charles Little Sky. The U-Foes battled the Avengers and Puma, and Ironclad was defeated by Captain America and Gilgamesh.


Some time later, alongside other superhuman criminals, Ironclad attempted to escape from the Vault, and battled the Avengers and Freedom Force. Alongside Electro, Ironclad sided with Thunderball against Venom for leadership of the convicts. Ironclad was later freed from the Vault, and with teammates Vapor and X-Ray, Ironclad attacked the Avengers West Coast, mistakenly believing they had killed Vector. Vector then reappeared alive and well, and led his teammates in a strategic retreat. With the U-Foes, Ironclad later attacked a New York hospital in search of Charles Little Sky (who was now known as Portal), where they battled Darkhawk, Daredevil, and Captain America.

Mike was one of the 142 superhumans who registered as part of the Super-Human Registration Act.

The Hood

Though a registered hero, Ironclad later joined the Hood's criminal organization who planned to take advantage of the split in the superhero community caused by the Superhuman Registration Act.

Powers and Abilities

Ironclad AEMH

Ironclad in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Ironclad's body is covered in a metalic-like and remarkably tough armored skin, Superhuman strength (around 85 -90 tons), but nowhere near to the same level as the Hulk (a fact that he seems unable to accept) and mass/density-increasing ability.


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