Listen up, Simpson! I'm your counselor, Ironfist Burns. For the next two months, you are going to eat, live and breath our beloved Camp Deadly. When I say jump, you'll ask how high. When I say march, you'll ask how far. The same goes for your sister. You're happy little punks now...but I'll change that before you leave...or you won't leave here at all!
~ Ironfist Burns to Bart and Lisa Simpson.

Ironfist Burns is the main antagonist in the 1991 video game Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly.


Ironfist Burns is a relative of Charles Montgomery Burns. He runs a summer camp disguised as a fun and safe place for children. It is called Camp Deadly and it is actually a prison camp where the campers are meant to feel miserable.


Bart Simpson and his sister, Lisa, are sent to camp for the summer. They go to a place called Camp Deadly. Bart and Lisa look forward to the camp's various activities including nature hikes and campfire weenies. They are greeted by Ironfist Burns, the camp's lead counselor. He reveals that Camp Deadly is actually a prison camp and it doesn't include any activities mentioned in the brochure. Ironfist Burns instructs Bart and Lisa to follow every given order if they ever want to leave. The first day begins with Capture the Flag. Ironfist Burns rigs the game where Bart is pitted against everyone else. He manages to win with the help of his sister. Later in the afternoon, Ironfist Burns rigs another game of Capture the Flag where Bart is required to defeat everyone else. Again, he manages to succeed with help from Lisa.

During the evening, Bart and Lisa decide to escape Camp Deadly by scaling a nearby mountain. Ironfist Burns is in a nearby bush and he overhears them. During the night, Bart and Lisa proceed with their plan. After they traverse through the paths on the mountain, they arrive at the outskirts. They discover a power station that is the source of the electricity to Camp Deadly. Bart manages to evade the personal but Lisa is captured. Bart finds her in an underground passageway where she is chained by Ironfist Burns. He tries to capture Bart but is outsmarted when Bart destroys all of the light bulbs in the passageway. The darkness allows Lisa and Bart to quickly escape. Bart turns off the generator which causes a blackout throughout Camp Deadly. The camp is then closed and Ironfist Burns loses his job.


Ironfist Burns' face is identical to Charles Montgomery Burns. His long hair is the only exception. Ironfist Burns wears a campaign hat, gloves, forest ranger uniform, and a whistle. Due to the game's monochrome graphics, the exact colors of his appearance are difficult to tell.


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