Irvine is an Apostle who serves the reborn Griffith alongside Zodd, Rakshas, Locus, Grunbeld Arcbeast, and the other lesser known Apostle.


Little else is known about the man known as Irvine, but what is known from passing is that he rarely speaks and tends to keep his own counsel. While he often distances himself away from the rest of the Band of the Hawk members, during those rare moments when they are not caught up in a battle, Irvine is often by himself away from the army and enjoying the tunes from his Lute.

He seems to have been some sort of hunter, based on comments he has made on how he is used to spending his time alone in the wild, to the point that he feels like a beast sometimes. Since Irvine almost never speaks, it is unknown how he became an Apostle, but there is no doubt the power he possesses is the result of anything less than divine, be it good or evil, intervention.

He has grown particularly close to Sonia, the Band of the Hawk's psychic. Whenever she is around, he opens up and talks with her, often consoling her as well as looking after her in times of danger, most recently on the battlefield against Ganishka's forces. He has established a sort of big brother, little sister relationship in the process.

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