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Isaac is a major character in Netflix's cartoon adaptation of Castlevania, loosely based on the character of the same name from the video games.

He starts as off as a major antagonist in the second season, before slowly becoming a more heroic character throughout seasons three and four. He is a misanthropic Devil Forgemaster and Count Dracula's closest follower, who aids him in his attempted genocide of humanity. After death of his master, Isaac forges his own army to avenge him while also searching for his own path.

He was voiced by Adetokumboh M'Cormack.


Contrary to the flamboyant redhead with garish, skin-revealing clothes and tattoos from the game, he is portrayed as tall and bald black man, with two scars on the side of his head, clad in full Devil Forgemaster uniform. He later starts donning opulent, yet simple-looking, blue eastern clothing.


In further contrast with his unhinged and over-the-top game counterpart, Isaac is very calm, aloof and unspoken, though no less ruthless and blindly loyal to Dracula, making him just as unsettling.

In fact, Isaac's past of hardships made him deeply misanthropic and nihilistic. He loathes humans for repaying his loyalty with ostracism, is only able to focus on the negative, and cannot fathom enjoying life or planning a future, only thinking of surviving the present.

He is a Sufi Muslim and believes in God, but delusionally thinks that emptying Hell is His will, and that Dracula will purify the world, often flogging himself in penance. His loyalty to Dracula is due to the fact that he was the first to treat him kindly and value him as a person. The only way to anger him is disloyalty and betrayal, even hinted.

Isaac is very polite, repaying kindness, only killing when pushed and warning beforehand, albeit reacting to slights with excessive violence. After Dracula’s death, he yearns to avenge him and restart his omnicide. But his trials make him re-evaluate his beliefs and search for a new purpose. He is finally able to let go of hatred and find peace, noting that people can go beyond their first calling and deciding to live and build a future, for him and others.

Powers and Abilities

Isaac uses his Forgemaster powers through his black dagger, forging corpses into undeads and monsters of all sizes, powers and sentience, animated by souls taken from Hell. A single fatal stab instantly transforming a victim and he can coat it with flame. In addition, he is a perfect rider and fighter, wielding his dagger with enough skill to keep up with Carmilla herself, though he had to wear her down to withstand her superior might.



Isaac used to serve under a master who mistreated him and scorned him for showing him devotion and loyalty, prompting Isaac to slay him when he had enough. He spent years as a slave and learnt magic from grimoires. He was rescued from bandits by Dracula, when the latter was travelling the word at the request of his wife Lisa. He eventually became Dracula's only friend. No mention of Julia is ever made.

Hector and Isaac sided with Dracula's genocidal goals in earnest, having experienced first-hand human cruelty. As such, Dracula holds them in higher esteem than the Vampire Nobles of his court, who just follow him to feed.

Season Two

Isaac is introduced as Dracula's only truly loyal general. He and Hector forge monsters for Dracula’s army. Dracula confides in him that he knows his generals are turning on him, as his goal will leave them with no-one to feed on. He admits that he lied about only wanting to reduce numbers, but Isaac does not care.

Later, the Viking Vampire Lord Godbrand approaches Isaac after a raid on a human village that was not sanctioned by Dracula, trying to convince him that Dracula is unfit to rule, but the enraged Devil Forgemaster kills him to punish his insubordination, and later disperses his ashes to the wind.

Hector later confess to Isaac that he is disappointed by the Vampire Nobles’ never-ending petty power struggles, though he convinces him to support their plan to attack the city of Braila, as it will keep them occupied. Isaac later reports to Dracula that Carmilla is leading her troops to invade the Castlevania, but all vampire soldiers are wiped out before Dracula can enter the fray, as the mage Sypha Belnades teleported the Castle away, flooding them all in blessed water.

When Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Dracula's son Alucard storm the Castle, Isaac is willing to fight, but Dracula teleports him away to safety through a magic mirror to save him. Isaac lands in a desert, surrounded by thieves whom he slaughters, swearing to forge an army to lead his own war against humanity.

Season Three

Now leading huge forces, Isaac reaches Tunis. There, an elderly, blind Collector identifies him as a Devil Forgemaster, and gives him a magic Distance Mirror, noting that he was given far too few presents in his life. In it, Isaac sees Hector captive in Carmilla's Castle. He tries to leave without fuss but the nagging authorities prompt him to wreck the city, before ordering an old Captain to sail him to Genoa in Italy.

During the travel, the Captain reminds Isaac that the humanity he reviles so much is capable of the best as much as the worst, prompting the Forgemaster to reveal his story, beliefs, and his goals of revenge and genocide. But the Captain advises him to write his own story rather than playing in others and to preserve beauty where it is found. Alas, in Genoa, he is once again rudely denied going on his way peacefully by officials, wrecking yet another town.

Isaac talks to Fly's Eyes, one of his sapient monsters who thanks him for this second life but disquiets him with his newfound enjoyment of sin. Later in his travels, he learns from the retired Devil Forgemaster Miranda that an evil Magician is enslaving the population of every nearby town, magically assembling them into Legion. Isaac fights off Legion with a gigantic monster, and storms the Magician's tower. The wretched wizard place a mind-control energy crow on him, but he destroys it and slays him. To his surprise, this makes him learn the simple joy of doing good.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the demonic Visitor, who corrupted Prior Sala and destroyed the city of Lindenfeld in an attempt to bring Dracula back from Hell, was in fact one of his constructs acting on his behalf.

Season Four

Given that the Magician's victims did not survive enslavement, Isaac stays in his tower while his monsters bury all the corpses too damaged to be forged and rebuilt the voided cities for future settlers. Fly's Eyes remarks that building is against monsters' nature, but Isaac retorts that nature is fluid and that anyone can rise above what they were meant to be. He proves his point by offering him berries, rekindling his former human memories and tastes. Varney later speaks to him through the Magician's Distance Mirror, pressing him to revive Dracula, but is rebuked.

Isaac and Abel defeat Carmilla.

After readying his hordes, Isaac teleports with them to Carmilla's castle with the Mirror. He fights his way to the room where Hector has just turned the table on his gaoler Carmilla's "sister" Lenore and trapped Carmilla in her throne room with a force-field.

Knowing that Carmilla is too powerful for him, Isaac has her harassed by his monsters to gradually exhaust her, enabling him to barge in with his best monsters in tow. He tells Carmilla that he forsook revenge but that she is too much of a blight on the world to be allowed to live.

Carmilla attacks him in a rage, but he matches her in skill and counter his best moves with his monsters. So Carmilla kills herself to spite him, unleashing a huge explosion, but Isaac is shielded by his familiar Abel.

Isaac and Hector discuss their choice, past and future.

Isaac speaks with Hector, stating that he can now see that Dracula was wrong and that it is best to let him rest. He resolves to succeed Carmilla as king of the Austrian province of Styria, to build a brighter future for him and others, while Hector chooses to writes books so that the following generations would know to avoid their mistakes.

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