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Isaac is a major villain in Netflix's cartoon adaptation of Castlevania, loosely based on the character of the same name from the video games. He starts as a secondary villain in the second season and becomes one of the main villains of the third season, just like Carmilla. He is a misanthropic Devil Forgemaster and Count Dracula's closest follower, who aids him in his attempted genocide of humanity. With the death of his master, he forges his own army to avenge him, while also searching for his own path.

He was voiced by Adetokumboh M'Cormack.


Contrary to the flamboyant redhead with garish, skin-revealing clothes and tattoos from the game, he is portrayed as tall, bald and dark-skinned, with two scars on the side of his head, clad in full Devil Forgemaster uniform.


In further contrast with his violent, over-the-top game counterpart, he is very aloof, collected and unspoken, though no less violent, ruthless and blindly loyal to Dracula, making him somehow even more unsettling.

He despises humans, and despises even more being one, resenting them for repaying his loyalty with ostracism and mistreatment. He is a Sufi Muslim and believes in God, but delusionally thinks that emptying Hell is His will, and that Dracula will purify the world, often flogging himself in penance. The only way to infuriate him is betrayal, even hinted. But after Dracula’s death, he starts re-evaluating his life, beliefs and search for his purpose.

Powers and Abilities

Isaac remains an exceptionally skilled fighter, but his weapon of choice is a black dagger that turns turn people into monsters wounding them. He uses corpses to forge undeads, monsters and demons of variable size and powers.



Isaac used to serve under a master who mistreated him and scorned him for showing devotion, believing that there was no love in the world, prompting Isaac to kill him. He spent years as a slave and learnt magic from occultists' books. He was rescued from bandits by Dracula, when the latter was travelling around the word at the request of his wife Lisa. No mention of Julia is ever made.

When Dracula started his genocidal campaign, Hector and Isaac sided with him in earnest, having experienced first-hand human cruelty. As such, Dracula holds them in higher esteem than the Vampire Nobles of his court, who just follow him to feed.

Role in the Second Season

Isaac is very close to Dracula, who regards him as the closest thing he has to a friend, and his only truly loyal general. He and Hector use their Devil Forgery to raise the dead and turn them into monsters for Dracula's army. Dracula confides in him that he knows his generals are turning on him, as his goal will leave them with no-one to feed. He admits that he lied to them about only wanting to reduce numbers, but Isaac does not care.

Later, the Viking Vampire Lord Godbrand approaches Isaac after a raid on a human village that was not sanctioned by Dracula, trying to convince him that Dracula is unfit to rule, but the enraged Devil Forgemaster kills him to punish his insubordination, and later disperses his ashes to the wind.

Hector later talks to Isaac, confiding that he is disappointed by the Vampire Nobles’ constant petty power struggles, though he convinces him to support their plan to attack the city of Braila, saying that it will keep them occupied. Isaac later reports to Dracula that Carmilla is leading her troops to invade the Castlevania, but all vampire soldiers are wiped out before Dracula can enter the fray, as the mage Sypha Belnades teleported the Castle away, flooding all of them in consecrated water.

When Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades and Dracula's son Alucard storm the Castle, Isaac is willing to fight, but Dracula teleports him away to safety through a magic mirror, not wanting to see him die. Isaac lands in a desert, surrounded by thieves whom he slaughters, and resolves to forge an army to lead his own war against humanity.

Role in the third Season

Now leading huge troops of demonic constructs, Isaac reaches North Africa. In Tunis, an elderly blind Collector identifies him as a Devil Forgemaster, and gives him a magic Distance Mirror, noting that he wasn't given enough gifts in his life. With it, Isaac can see Carmilla's castle where Hector is held captive. He later attempts to get to the docks without trouble, but the fearful and angry authorities prompt him to have his demons kill them, before negotiating with an old Captain to sail him to Genoa in Italy.

During the travel, the Captain reminds Isaac that the humanity he reviles so much is capable of the best as much as the worst, prompting the Forgemaster to reveal his story, beliefs, and goals. He plans to kill Carmilla and Hector for their betrayal, and enact Dracula's genocide of humanity. However, the Captain advises him to write his own story instead of letting others do it for him, and to preserve the beauty of the world. Alas, upon his arrival in Genoa, his attempts to peacefully go in his way are once again only met with rude rebuttal, prompting him to unleash his forces on them once more.

Later, Isaac talks to one of the few sapient demon constructs, built from the soul of a philosopher who was martyred by early Christians. The demon called Fly's Eyes thanks him for this second life, but disquiets him with his newfound enjoyment of sin. As he is getting closer to Styria, he learns from the retired Devil Forgemaster Miranda, that an evil magician is enslaving the population of the nearby cities, magically assembling them all into the entity Legion. Having learned from Miranda that the enslaved citizens are as good as dead and there is a transmission mirror in the magician's tower, he plans to kill them all and use their corpses and mirror to build a large army, and take revenge on his betrayers.

Isaac wages battle against the brainwashed people and fights off Legion by summoning a gigantic demon construct, leaving the Magician’s tower open to storm. The wretched wizard attempts to control him but to no avail and is slain. After claiming the mirror for his own and having his monsters kill the people, Isaac also decides to leave the city standing for future settlers.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that the demonic Visitor, who corrupted Prior Sala and destroyed the city of Lindenfeld in an attempt to bring Dracula back from Hell, was in fact one of his constructs acting on his behalf.

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