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Isaacs is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the BBC British soap opera EastEnders. He only appeared as a supporting antagonist in 2009.

He was portrayed by Tony Pritchard.


Isaacs first came to Albert Square, a fictional borough in East London, in late 2009. It quickly transpired that he was a notorious loan shark who extorts money from people around the square and outside of Walford as well.

By November that year, it became clear that the square's criminal hardman Phil Mitchell is one of the people who owes money to Isaacs for a while. At somepoint Isaacs turns up looking for Phil and encounters his employee Minty Peterson, demanding to know where his boss is hiding. When Minty later questions Phil about Isaacs, it is clear to him that Phil is having trouble repaying the money to Isaacs and that neither of them or their fellow colleague Ricky Butcher may appear to be safe from whatever Isaacs is planning to do unless he gets what is owed to him.

A few days later, Isaacs confronts Phil just as the latter lends his car to local pastor Lucas Johnson on the day he is due to marry his fiance Denise Fox. The pair have a discussion about the money Phil owes to Isaacs, and eventually the loan shark departs when Phil promises to repay him the debt. Later on, Phil recounts the situation in his car - not knowing that Lucas has just killed Denise's ex-husband Owen Turner from inside the vehicle after Owen had found out that Lucas murdered his former wife Trinia a few months earlier.

In December 2009, Isaacs turns up again to remind Phil of the deadline day for repayment. Phil is unable to meet that deadline, and so Isaacs later turns up at The Queen Victoria public house - where Phil resides with his family - along with his heavies to deliver repercussions. They beat up Phil and leave him unconcious on the floor, whereupon he is then discovered by his young son Ben Mitchell.

The next day, Phil recieves another message from Isaacs that implies that his family will be threatened unless he is repaid. Phil eventually pays off Isaacs, who then leaves the square and is never seen again. However, Phil's debt to Isaacs forces him to seek another loan from his estranged stepson Ian Beale over The Vic's ownership; this consequently allows Phil's villainous uncle Archie Mitchell, who is seeking revenge on the Mitchell Family, and his romantic partner Janine Butcher to take advantage of the situation by blackmailing Ian in giving them ownership of the pub that results in the family later being evicted before Christmas.


  • It is unknown how many appearences Isaacs made in total during his time on the show.
  • Isaacs is one of EastEnders' few villains to get away with his crimes to the point where he never got punished nor recieved any comeuppance for it in the end.