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Isabel Aretas is the main antagonist in Bad Boys for Life. She is a drug kingpin and the former lover of Mike Lowrey. 

She is portrayed by Kate del Castillo.

Plot Summary

Isabel Aretas is the new drug lord who runs a cartel in Miami and nobody can take her down.  She is hiring unknown assassins who are eliminating the competition and covering her tracks of drug deal to keep the Miami P.D. out of bay. Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett the two top Miami P.D. who took down the toughest criminals are now after her. The reason why they are the best they go outside the law to take them down. Burnett and Lowrey found out there is a new player and caught one of the assassins and pointed out that Armando Armas is the new player. Armando was just a pawn and as assassin. The assassin killed himself before he was headed to jail.  Mike recognizes him and he never met him. Armando is Mike's illegitimate son he never met or knew about.  Armando mother is Julie Mott, who Mike had a relationship off screen before they broke up.  Armando was working for Isabel Aretas who is the mastermind behind this drug cartel and the new player that Miami P.D. can't take down.  She poisoned Mike's son into working for her. Isabel and Armando chased Mike and Marcus on the highway by helicopter and she fell down to her death.  Armando was killed by his father which he was reluctant to do but to stop his reign. 


  • Isabel is the first and only main villain in the Bad Boys franchise to be female. She is also the first and only main villain in the franchise to not be killed by Mike or Marcus.
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