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Isabella Caruso is the posthumous overarching antagonist in the Hitman mission "World of Tomorrow". She was the abusive mother of Silvio Caruso and while having died a year before her son, her past abuse and manipulation of him drove him to acts of villainy.


Isabella Caruso was a respected Italian academic who had three sons: two twin brothers and youngest son Silvio, who she raised as a single mother after her husband died. After the twins ran away from home, never to be seen again, Isabella clung onto Silvio. Worried that he will abandon her as well, she manipulated him into thinking that he was worthless.

All five of Silvio's mission stories are related to her:

  • First Day on the Job: Silvio, nostalgic for the spaghetti his mother used to make for him, hired world-renowned chef Marcello Ray to recreate it. Disguised as a cook, 47 can cook up and poison some spaghetti.
  • Memory Lane: There is a cassette tape of Silvio's childhood in the observatory. 47 can choose to play it and when Silvio comes across it, he will dismiss his guards and reminisce on his childhood, recalling all the cruel things his mother said to him.
  • Beyond the Grave: Silvio was previously committed to a mental institution for hallucinating that his mother's ghost was back to haunt him. If 47 recreates the circumstances, leading him to his mother's bedroom, he will freak out, exclaim "I didn't mean to! It just happened!" and pass out.
  • Catharsis: Disguised as Silvio's new therapist, the renowned Dr Oscar Lafayette, 47 can listen to Silvio recall a sad anecdote about how Isabella had someone seduce his then-girlfriend Amelia, showing him pictures on Prom Night and telling him that "Romantic love is fleeting; only a mother's love endures". When 47 presses on the issue, Silvio confesses that he murdered his mother by smothering her with a pillow.
  • The Good Son: Silvio wants to pay tribute to his mother at the cemetery in his garden. Disguised as a delivery boy, 47 can deliver the flowers and Silvio will dismiss his guards and mourn in peace. He tells her he understood her and why she was so desperate to make him love her, but says that it was no excuse for the way she abused him and that he wants to kill her all over again.


  • It has been speculated by some fans that along with emotionally abusing Silvio, Isabella also molested or raped him, causing his fear of women and sexuality in the present.
  • Isabella appears on the prologue yacht training mission with Kalvin Ritter, where she discusses Silvio worrying her with his behaviour.
  • The two elder Caruso brothers, Enzo and Orlando, were unpublished elusive targets.