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You broke my heart, Lily. Now I'm gonna break yours.
~ Ishim to Lily Sunder before he takes her daughter's life.

Ishim is a minor antagonist in season 12 of the series Supernatural. He is a powerful angel that was once Castiel's superior.

He was portrayed by Ian Tracey.


Ishim was an angel, one that commanded a small flight of other angels which included Castiel, the Winchesters' best friend. Other angels in the flight included Mirabel and Benjamin. Ishim became obsessed with the human Lily Sunder, who had a daughter named May. Lily had spent her life studying angelology and Ishim shared with her the angels' secrets to help her research, but his "love", which can be chalked up to obsession and was by Lily, caused her to fear him and sought refuge with the seraph Akobel, whom she married and was protected from Ishim by.

As vengeance for "breaking [his] heart", Ishim lies to his flight that Akobel fathered Lily's daughter and thus the child was a Nephilim; siring a Nephilim is a forbidden act that's punishable by death since they're so dangerously powerful that God Himself once had to wipe them all out. Ishim and his flight arrive at Lily's house and confront Akobel, who orders Lily to take May and run. Akobel is tried and executed on the spot and Ishim goes into the house alone to confront Lily for leaving him. Ishim, claiming his heart to have been broken by Lily, takes on an eye-for-an-eye approach and murders May in front of her. Lily never stops thinking about this and, using the magic Ishim taught her of, prolongs her life and waits patiently for the moment to enact vengeance and kill the entire flight.

More than a hundred years later, when the angels have lost the ability to fly due to Metatron causing the fall of the angels, Lily finally seizes the opportunity and first kills two of the angels from the flight, at a later point going after Benjamin, who calls out to Castiel, Ishim, and Mirabel before Lily kills him. Ishim convenes with Mirabel at a diner and the pair are later joined by Castiel, who is insulted by Ishim nigh-constantly for having changed over the years and fallen far from his glory days as one of Heaven's warriors, also expressing his distaste for mankind when Sam and Dean enter, mocking Castiel for even associating with humans. Ishim has Mirabel investigate the premises in case anyone followed Castiel and the Winchesters. Outside, she is murdered by Lily, unbeknownst to anyone indoors until Ishim walks out and happens upon Mirabel dead, her vessel lying lifeless. Lily attacks and wounds the angel but fails in killing him and vice-versa, as Ishim attempts to smite her but is unable due to her magic. Castiel and the Winchesters arrive and attempt to subdue Lily, who escapes by briefly blinding them with a brilliant light and speeding away in a vehicle.

At Ishim's safehouse (an abandoned church), Ishim is deeply wounded but does not allow Castiel to heal the injury. The Winchesters demand to know why Lily Sunder is after Ishim's flight and Castiel tells them, ignoring Ishim's weak protests, of when the angels carried out the mission of killing Lily's Nephilim daughter, falsified by Ishim while Castiel and the others believed it was true. Ishim claims he was merciful in letting Lily live; in actuality, this was salt in the wound he already cut by killing May. He also claims the magic she's using is the result of a demonic pact.

The Winchesters track down Lily to attempt to reason with her while Castiel stays behind with Ishim and heals his wound, making him feel better than he has "in a millennium". Dean soon arrives and reveals to Castiel the truth about the deaths of May and Akobel as told to him and Sam by Lily, and Castiel confronts Ishim, who at first attempts to lie but resorts to violently assaulting Castiel and calling him sad and weak before attempting to kill Dean to "cure" Castiel of his sympathies for humanity, the same way he did. Dean nearly activates an angel-banishing sigil but Ishim advises against it, claiming that it'll also work against Castiel and may kill him. Sam and Lily arrive before Ishim can take his angel blade to Dean and Lily engages in a duel with her nemesis before pinning him to the wall with her powers long enough for Castiel to impale Ishim with his blade, killing him.

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