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I mean no disrespect... but do understand I take great pride in being a warlock of Friege. With the murder of my parents and my brother... it pains me to sit here doing nothing. Please allow me to fight!
~ Ishtar to Julius in Belhalla.

Ishtar is a supporting antagonist from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, with a cameo appearance in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. The daughter of House Friege's Duke Bloom, Ishtar is a full-blooded descendent of the crusader Thrud and inheritor of the Mjölnir. Recognized by Friege's people as a power thunder mage and dubbed the Goddess of Thunder (雷神 Thunder God), she was betrothed to Grannvale's crown prince Julius and served him as a warrior.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, she is voiced by Ratana in English and by Mai Kadowaki in Japanese.


Ishtar is an young woman with lavender hair tied into an ponytail. She wears an black cape with gold accents over a purple dress. Ishtar also wears long white boots with matching gloves.


Ishtar is a kind and compassionate women, which garnered her great respect in the eyes of Friege's people. However, she is deeply loyal to both Prince Julius of the Grannvale Empire and House Friege, which motivates her to fight Seliph's liberation army despite her cousin Tine's efforts to convince her to defect. Despite her love for Julius, however, Ishtar is horrified by many of his actions after Loptous' corruption and willing to defy him behind his back, mainly helping to free children who were captured during the child hunts.


Ishtar was the child of Duke Bloom and House Velthomer's Hilda, who also gave birth to her brother Ishtore. She proved to be prodigious in thunder magic, and was quickly dubbed the "Goddess of Thunder" by Friege's people. Her parents assigned Reinhardt, a similarly powerful mage who became commander of Friege's Gelben Ritter, as her personal guardian. As a child, Ishtar did her best to comfort young Tine or Linda as her mother punished her and her mother Tailtiu or Ethnia for the latter's "betrayal" of Friege. During this time, Ishtar Prince Julius met and fell in love, to the social climbing Hilda's delight. Even after Julius' corruption by the Loptous tome, his love for Ishtar remained unchanged. Ishtar likewise remained loyal.

When they grew to young adulthood, however, Julius reinstated the old Loptrian Empire's custom of child hunts, to Ishtar's horror. During a conference with Julius and Bishops Manfroy and Veld of the Loptr Church, Ishtar explained that House Friege was concerned about the hunts' immorality when the three men questioned its reluctance to storm Tahra to begin a hunt there. Julius tried to assuage her concerns, and failing that removed her from the conference to observe the castle's flower garden instead. From then on, Ishtar covertly worked to free children captured in the hunts with the help of Julius' father, Emperor Arvis.

Later, Julius developed a severe fever and was hospitalized in Ishtar's quarters in Conote. Vehemently refusing help from Loptr Church's bishops, Ishtar traveled to Leonster to request Bishop Saias' assistance in healing Julius. After Fort Danzich's fall at the hands of Leif's army, Ishtar arrived with Julius, who expressed his disappointment with the Friege force's performance. Ishtar wished to return to Conote to help Bloom, but Julius instead told her that he would escort Ishtar to Chronos Castle in Miletos at Hilda's request. Before departing, Julius warned Ishtar never to see Reinhardt again on pain of his death, having realized that Reinhardt carried more feelings for Ishtar beyond dutiful loyalty. A reluctant Ishtar dismissed Reinhardt from her service.

Around this time, Prince Seliph's Liberation Army slew Ishtore and his lover Liza while retaking Fort Melgen. Among Melgen's defenders was Tine, who defected upon reuniting with her long-lost brother Arthur. Shocked by his son's death and Tine's betrayal, and fearing for his life as the Liberation Army advanced on Conote, Bloom summoned Ishtar for protection, gifting her Friege's holy weapon Mjölnir before she left to fight Seliph's forces. However, she was overpowered by the Liberation Army, and would have perished if not for Julius' timely rescue. With no protection, Bloom was killed by Seliph's army.

When Ishtar recovered from her wounds, Julius ordered her to send children captured in the hunts to Belhalla Castle to be sacrificed. She reluctantly agreed, and when Julius left, Hilda urged Ishtar to marry him as soon as possible for the good of House Friege. Hilda also commanded Ishtar to return to Chronos Castle, where the children were being held captive, and prepare them to be sent to Belhalla. In Miletos, Ishtar consulted with Emperor Arvis on how to free the children, only for the two to be discovered by Julius. Demanding that his father leave, Julius informed Ishtar that the Liberation Army arrived Miletos and proposed a game in which the victor would be the first to successfully kill an enemy soldier. Their efforts proved fruitless, and they ultimately left the battlefield for Belhalla.

In Belhalla, Ishtar learned that Hilda perished in Chronos Castle at the hands of the Liberation Army. With the death of her family weighing on her, Ishtar requested permission to command Friege's Weissen Ritter against Seliph's incoming assault. Initially hesitant, Julius relents when Ishtar reaffirms her love. On the battlefield, Tine pleaded with Ishtar to join Seliph, but Ishtar refused and ultimately met her end.

Other Media

Fire Emblem Awakening

An Einherjar of Ishtar is available as a bonus ally to the Shepherds through SpotPass. Another Ishtar Einherjar opposes the Shepherds in the first and third Rogues & Redeemers DLC xenologues. In the first chapter he is part of a group of villainous Einharjar battling a group of heroic Einherjar the Shepherds allied with, while in the third chapter the Shepherds decided to seal both groups back into their cards.

Fire Emblem Heroes

There are three different variations of Ishtar available to players. The regular Ishtar, titled "Thunder Goddess", was made available for summoning on May 10, 2018. On September 6, 2019, an Ishtar themed around ballroom dancing was released. This Ishtar, titled "Thunder's Waltz", wears a black dress with purple accents and gold embroidery. She also wears black shoes. A Resplendent skin for her "Thunder Goddess" version was added on December 25, 2021, which gives Ishtar a Jötunheimr-themed white dress, red cape, and black slippers. An Ascended Ishtar, titled "Echoing Thunder", was released on April 18, 2022. This Ishtar wears a white cape with purple accents over a black dress. She also wears black fingerless gloves and white shoes.


I'm sorry about this... But you must die! Mjölnir!!
~ Ishtar battling the Liberation Army in Conote
Ahh... Lord Julius...
~ Ishtar upon her rescue in Conote
It seems as if this game shall be mine, Lord Julius!
~ Ishtar finding a Liberation Army member during her "game" with Julius
Nng! Why...
~ Ishtar failing her "game" and retreating
Feel the wrath of the goddess of lightning!
~ Ishtar fighting the Liberation Army in Belhalla
My Lord Julius... I...
~ Ishtar's final words


  • In addition to Ishtar, Mai Kadowaki also provides the Japanese voice of Fire Emblem hero Myrrh.
  • In addition to Ishtar, Ratana also provides the English voice of Fire Emblem hero Leonie Pinelli.

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