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Isla, otherwise known as the Occultist, is the main antagonist of The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the eighth film in the Conjuring Universe.

She was portrayed by Eugenie Bondurant.


While investigating the Disciples of the Ram, ex-priest Kastner adopts a young Isla despite violating the rules of clerical celibacy according to the Catholic Church. As he raised her, Isla became more invested into the occult and would create witch's totems one of which she deliberately hid under the house that the Glatzel family move into thus making her responsible for the curse and subsequent demonic possession of eight-year-old David. Ed and Lorraine Warren are called to assist the family only for family friend Arne Cheyenne Johnson to test the demon by making it take control of him. The demon would then have him kill his landlord thus setting up the events of the film.

Sometime later, Isla had the demon possess a young woman named Jessica Strong and drives her to kill her best friend Katie Lincoln before jumping off a cliff. When the Warrens go to the morgue to inspect, Lorraine has a psychic vision where she discovers the location of Isla, who almost succeed to push Arne to commit suicide with glass shards from a vial of holy water gived by Father Newman. Later, she torments Ed and almost makes him kill Lorraine by hallucinating him. They discovered a totem hidding in one of the vases, with the flowers all black and dryed.

When Lorraine returns to pay Kastner another visit, she learns that the curse Isla placed had to involve three human sacrifices: the child, the lover and the man of God. However, in order to cancel out the curse, the witch's altar would have to be destroyed. Isla arrives to her father's house and slits his throat, try to kill Lorraine before arranging for Ed to be possessed and sending him to murder his wife. At the same time, she try again to have Arne commit suicide, to time with a large glass shard from the broken asylum windows. Before Ed could dispose of his wife, Lorraine manages to remind him of their love and he uses a mallet to break the witch altar in half.

Isla herself arrives to finish the two off but realizes that the demon she summoned still required a soul before retreating to Hell. As the curse was broken, the demon turns on her and collects her soul instead.


Isla is a calmly cold, inexpressive and unmerciful woman. She feels no pity for anyone, not even for her adoptive father who unvolontairly transmitted to her his fascination for occultism and witchcraft. She's intelligent and well organised, perfectly knowing and mastering dark rituals, possessions and creations of totems which makes her a really dangerous adversary.

We can seeing her as the opposite of The Warrens, especially Lorraine with who she has similarities. They both can make contacts with spirits evil or not, their capacities are the same and they even have a strong connection, so strong that they can see the point of view of each other. Isla despise love, see it as a weakness and see Lorraine's gift as a condamnation from God.


  • Isla is the only antagonist who is an alive human in the franchise.
  • Isla's name is never mentionned and can only be seen in a photo album towards the end of the movie.
  • She is present in the DC comics serie "The Conjuring: The Lover".

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