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Isosceles "Sceles" Right Triangle Vreedle is a Vreedle who first appears in "Vreedlemania".


In "Vreedlemania", Sceles helps her father Pa Vreedle steal from The Great Vault of Sulkis along with Parry. However, Sceles grew worried when Pa Vreedle said he attached the explosive device to the vault and it blows up nearly all of their supply of Taydenite. Sceles, along with Parry, was a little worried after Pa Vreedle suggests they go visit Ma Vreedle. Later, Sceles is seen again where she managed to calm down the Krakken that was attacking everyone. The confrontation with Ma Vreedle and all her sons, at first, wasn't good but calmed down after Pa Vreedle gave Ma Vreedle the last piece of Taydenite. Sceles questions him for doing do but Pa Vreedle says they will have a lot more.

When the Vreedles start to wreck havoc in Bellwood, Sceles attacked the zoo freeing the animals. Sceles was riding on top of an elephant when she was confronted by Rook. Sceles started to take interest in Rook and Rook was unfortunate enough to feel the same back. Sceles then rode into town with her elephant causing more destruction. Using the elephant, Sceles brings a truck full of gold to her mother impressing her.

Eventually, Sceles went back to Ma Vreedle's house with Pa Vreedle and Parry to steal all of Ma Vreedle's Taydenite supply. Sceles was told by her father that she couldn't bring the elephant with her and was force to let it go. Ma Vreedle along with Ben and the other arrive and Ma Vreedle is furious at their actions. However, the Krakken soon attacked and Sceles left with Pa Vreedle and Parry not before blowing a kiss to Rook hoping to see him again. Sceles thinks that Ben will follow him but Pa Vreedle says he attached an explosive device to their car. Sceles and Parry both know Pa Vreede ended up attaching the device to their vehicle and it explodes on them.

She reappear in "The Most Dangerous Game Show", Sceles is one of many contestants trying to win Ben's hand in marriage on Charles Zenith's game show.


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