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Villain Overview

All genes... All people have a predestined fate. That man bore a mighty fate... A star of change. Now I understand. Amado wanted to cling to it... to that man's mighty fate... To the minuscule possibility of change... Kashin Koji, clone of... Jiraiya of the Great Three. That you shall die here... was also predestined by your genes!
~ Isshiki declaring Koji Kashin's fate.
It doesn't matter what you try. You cannot defeat me. Ever.
~ Isshiki declaring his superiority over Koji.

Isshiki Ōtsutsuki is the overarching antagonist of the Boruto series. He is an Ōtsutsuki clan main family member who has been in possession of a monk named Jigen and has been using Jigen's name as his own. He was the founder and leader of the Kara organization.

According to Sasuke Uchiha and Amado Sanzu, Isshiki was the higher rank, paired with Kaguya Ōtsutsuki they arrived on Earth. However, caught off guard, Kaguya betrayed Isshiki, leaving him to take possession of Jigen. Following the aftermath of the fight with Sasuke and Naruto, his current vessel, Jigen, could not withstand the encounter with Koji Kashin, he was forced to resurrect in Jigen's body before acquiring Kawaki. After failing to acquire Kawaki, who killed him, he made contact with Code through his White Kāma, and not only gave him the title of leader of Kara, but to carry the will of the Ōtsutsuki Clan, before he vanished.

He is voiced by Kenjiro Tsuda in Japanese (who also voiced Kai Chisaki in My Hero Academia, Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Orsted in Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation, Redyue in Kamen Rider Gaim, and Vail in Kamen Rider Revice) and Keith Silverstein in the English dub, (who also voiced Hisoka Morow in Hunter x Hunter, Zasalamel in the Soulcalibur series, and Kimimaro).


Isshiki is a cruel, ruthless, and pragmatic being, having completely overtook Jigen's mind and body and showing no care or respect for the body he inhabits, cursing at his limits and degrades him as a worthless vessel. Having deemed Jigen's body as weak, Isshiki strongly desires in possessing Kawaki and turning him into his new body. He had no qualms subjecting Kawaki to a brutal, harsh training so he would master Kama despite having promised him safety. He is strongly dedicated to his clan, wishing to successfully plant the Ten Tails Seeds to grow the Chakra Fruit to the point of being willing to risk his life. Even on the verge of death, Isshiki was determined to keep the Will of the Otsutsuki alive and gave all his power to Code through his White Kama before fading away for good and told him to become a god by devouring every planet through space.

While leading Kara, Isshiki shows formality and courteousness, addressing the fellow members of his organization politely before beginning their meeting, though he can show a serious and authoritarian side to himself that can easily silence even the prideful Victor and hot-headed Delta and make them follow his orders despite any reluctance in their part. Unlike the other Otsutsuki, he seems to have a sense of comradery, referring to the other Inners as comrades and indicating he was willing to negotiate with Koji and Amado despite their betrayal costing him Kawaki, and is not above showing pity towards his foes, as he, albeit condescendingly, showed sympathy towards Koji for not realizing he was being made a fool by Amado and courteously and kindly asked for a last message for him to deliver to Amado.

He also trusted Boro and Code with guarding the Ten-Tails and the sealed Naruto and seemed a bit concerned when Boro failed to contact him and was shocked that Boruto and the others could defeat him, suggesting confidence and value in the abilities of his fellow Inners. He was even irritated by the loss of the Outer Garashi Tono, suggesting he doesn't consider the Outers as being expendable and instead sees them as useful subordinates worth of value. He also shows appreciation of Code's loyalty to him and his final act before his death was to encourage him to become a new Otsutsuki and he even calls him his most loyal beloved servant. He even extends his manners to his enemies, as he politely greeted Naruto Uzumaki, and apologized for not removing his shoes when entering the Uzumaki household. He also showed similar attitude when asking one of Konoha's shinobi where Kawaki is.

Unlike the other Otsutsuki and Inners, who have shown themselves to be sadistic and confrontational, Isshiki is shown to prefer diplomacy and swift handling of the problems at hand, preferring to only incapacitate enemies when not necessarily having to kill them and even willing to avoid conflict if potential adversaries are agreeable to his terms, as shown by how he merely left Naruto pinned down after he easily knocked him aside and was willing to accept Kawaki's deal of sparing Naruto if he returned willingly. When arriving at Konoha, he only injures but doesn't kill one of the shinobi who challenged him and spared the other when he told him they don't know where Kawaki is. In fact, he didn't even bother to attack the civilians, only choosing to do so when Naruto made it clear he would never hand over Kawaki without a fight, whereas Momoshiki took time to sadistically try to destroy the Konoha village before capturing Naruto. He also decided to just kill Naruto and Sasuke so that Konoha would surrender Kawaki to him instead of opting to destroy the whole village. Likewise, he is much more composed and systematic in his approach to matters at hand, scarcely showing anger when things go against his plans and remaining as determined and unrelenting as ever.

While fully confident in his overwhelming power to the point of slight arrogance, unlike the rest of his brethren, he is much less prone to arrogant boasts and unlikely to let his arrogance cloud his judgement, even willing to praise foes, as he merely calmly threatened to eliminate Naruto and while remaining unfazed at facing both Naruto and Sasuke, he complimented Sasuke for his intelligence and ability to see through his ability, praised their performance in revealing the weakness of his ability and despite lapsing upon using his full power and overwhelming them rather easily, frequently mocking and taunt Naruto and Sasuke for their poor efforts, he is not above admitting their strategical attempt was a good one and even stated he felt entertained by the fight and expressing bizarre gratitude before decisively defeating them. His greatest lapse was when fighting Kashin Koji, where despite his vessel being critically weakened from his defeat of Naruto and Sasuke, he remained confident he could defeat the man, which lead to Koji persisting enough to lure him into a trap that killed his vessel. He even toyed with Koji as soon as he was reincarnated to show the vast gap between their powers and took time to teach Koji the secrets of his techniques after decisively defeating them. He did fail to place Kama back on Kawaki, but even as he was about to die for good, he accepted his fate with dignity and only used his last moments to bestow upon Code what remains of his power.

Due to his surprising lack of over-confidence, Isshiki is shown to be extremely intelligent, cautious and perceptive, as he keeps the full extent of his powers a secret from even his closest allies and easily sees through Kashin Koji and Amado's plans but conceals any suspicions he had regarding Kashin Koji and Amado, luring them into revealing their plans. He was even willing to admit that despite having figured out Amado's goals, the old man had managed to get the better of him.

Isshiki displays complex beliefs regarding fate and shinobi: He believes that all living beings have their fates predestined by their genetics, stating that Koji, a clone of Jiraiya, is destined to die just like his template due to having inherited his genes despite acknowledging his fate to be that of a mighty star of change, which indicated that he may have respected the man's fate and how he died for a cause greater than himself. Unlike his brethren, Isshiki seemed to have an unusually higher view of Shinobi, believing them to be above that of the self-sacrificing pawn he saw Koji to be, and he later on said that due to Koji being unwilling to acknowledge Amado's betrayal, he had the weaknesses of a normal human and was not fully a professional shinobi, suggesting that though his description of Naruto as a peace-loving idiot and outright dismissal of the shinobi threatening his organization indicated he still saw them as being beneath him, he does acknowledge and respect them above normal non-chakra using humans and found their willingness to sacrifice themselves as being worthy of praise. Indeed, it is shown that Isshiki respects bravery and determination, as he was actually pleased when Kawaki yelled at him to stop beating him, showing defiance despite fearing Isshiki, only resorting to violence when Kawaki went too far and when Boruto stated he was prepared to die, Isshiki praised his spirit and even attempted to albeit twistedly comfort him with the fact that he would either be fed to the Ten Tails and die or be killed when the God Tree devours all life on the planet.

Powers and Abilities[]

Isshiki is easily one of the strongest characters in the Naruto franchise. Even while only possessing the body of Jigen, which considerably limited his power, as Isshiki's power is so great that unleashing the full extent of his power via the Kama he gave Jigen was enough to overwhelm his body with his immense chakra and cause it to break down, he is still the supreme leader of the extremely powerful organization Kara, feared and respected by all of it's members, even far surpassing the other completely monstrous Inners, as shown when he easily intimidated Delta and Victor, with Kawaki stating he is on a completely different level compared to Delta, and Kashin Koji, who had easily killed Victor, and Amado would not dare face him until his vessel was severely weakened from his battle with Naruto and Sasuke, who he could not only pressure while still limiting himself, but once going all-out, he was able to decisively defeat two of the strongest shinobi in history. Amado stated that Isshiki would be unstoppable if he were to resurrect in a more perfect vessel and stated even while imperfectly reincarnated, Isshiki still had the power to destroy Konoha in a rampage. His full power proved able to decisively defeat Koji without even fighting seriously and once again best Naruto and Sasuke despite them already having prior experience with his abilities. Even the arrogant Momoshiki was clearly wary of Isshiki, being unwilling to face him head-on while possessing Boruto and opting to bide his time until Isshiki was killed and even acknowledging he never believed Isshiki could be defeated directly.

Physical Prowess[]

Isshiki is shown to be a very resilient man, able to survive being bisected long enough to find a new host. While possessing Jigen, Isshiki displayed incredible prowess in close-quarters combat, both with weapons and unarmed. Even without having Jigen's body access more of his power, he shows tremendous speed and strength, easily kicking Naruto away, impressing the Hokage with his reaction, and effortlessly catching a punch from Kawaki when he had Kāma activated, causing Kawaki visible pain by merely lightly twisting his arm. He is also highly durable, suffering no injuries from a direct kick from Naruto in his Six Paths Sage Mode and even while severely weakened from his battle with Naruto and Sasuke, he could easily pressure Kashin Koji without even using his greater power levels. Isshiki has also displayed remarkable proficiency with a large black rod to easily parry blows from Sasuke, despite his skill in kenjutsu.

While using Kāma to a limited level, Isshiki proved to be more than a match for Naruto's Six Paths Sage Mode, able to easily handle his attack and pressure him and would have defeated him had Sasuke not came to his aid. He also took no damage from Sasuke's attack and was able to swiftly react to his continued assault and even deflect his surprise attack. Upon fully using his power, Isshiki displays such a tremendous level of physical strength and speed that he was able to effortlessly dodge Sasuke's Complete Body Susanoo and Naruto's Tailed Beast Mode attacks and plunge them out with a single attack as well as pummel them severely with just a few punches and kicks. He is also resilient enough to be completely unfazed by being burned by Amaterasu, which could harm even Tailed Beasts, proceeding to calmly absorb it.

After being resurrected, despite the imperfections, Isshiki's physical might, in his true form, was even more mighty, as he was able to quickly overpower Koji using Sage Mode in terms of strength and withstand being burned by his flames unfazed to shrink it. He was also able to easily overpower Naruto in his Six Paths Sage Mode, casually dodging his attack and proceeding to easily kick Naruto down before closing the distance between them and swiftly kicking him through buildings, and could break through Naruto and Sasuke's attempts to guard Boruto and restrain him one-handed, moving so fast he left the two of them temporarily unable to discern his location, nonchalantly catch Sasuke's sudden Chidori moments after he shifted place with Boruto and kick him down hard enough to draw blood and create a crater. He even took no damage from pummeling assaults of Naruto's Chakra Arms and upon breaking out with Sukunahikona, proceeded to swiftly close the distance between them and kick Naruto down. He could also hold his own against Naruto using Baryon Mode though only briefly before being overwhelmed by him, even as Naruto's new form drained Isshiki of his lifespan, with Isshiki even stating that the only danger from the attacks was that each hit drained his lifespan and stating Naruto couldn't have dealt him lethal damage with his attacks even with the massive power-up, with Kurama even noting that indeed Naruto's only hope was to attack him not to kill him but to shave off more and more of his lifespan with each attack.


Isshiki wields tremendously powerful chakra, so vast and powerful that his full power is capable of overwhelming Jigen's body with the sheer intensity of it and reincarnating himself in Jigen's body would kill it in a few days. Even while limiting himself, his sinister chakra was already strong enough to terrify Ino Yamanaka to the point of near-collapse and was compared by Kawaki to Naruto's Six Paths Sage Mode. When unleashing more of his power through Jigen's Kāma, his chakra was so great that it intimidated Sasuke into fleeing and later on unnerved both him and Naruto. He appears to suffer no strain from using his high-level Genjutsu Communication to connect with the other Inners of Kara for prolonged periods of time even in Jigen's body and likewise has no trouble performing Space Time Ninjutsu liberally, even though even for other Otsutsuki such abilities can be taxing, even the combined might of Naruto and Sasuke, the two strongest shinobi in the world and both of them having tremendously powerful chakra themselves, were defeated by him, although at the cost of much of his strength. After being imperfectly reincarnated, despite the hinderance of dying in 2 days due to his chakra being too much, Isshiki is shown to still have more than enough chakra despite likely supressing it to not overwhelm his body to effectively fight, even using more of his abilities, with no strain despite his falling body.


Isshiki is capable of making use of black rods despite not having a Rinnegan and use them to a more lethal degree: In addition to his rods being able to uniquely drain chakra, upon using more of his power, Isshiki can instantly summon them so fast that both Sasuke and Naruto weren't able to react to it and even form them from his neck to defend himself from Sasuke's attack. He shares the trademark Otsutsuki ability of levitation, chakra absorption and space-time ninjutsu. His chakra absorption can absorb large amounts of chakra from his Ten Tails and easily deal with techniques like Naruto's Rasengan and Amaterasu, being unaffected even when shrunk. He has also displayed advanced mastery of Space-Time Ninjutsu compared to his fellow brethren, as he is able to apply it in combat, creating the black shrouds he uses to teleport fast enough to catch foes off-guard and teleport out of attacks at the last moment. In addition to being able to transport himself to other dimensions, he has access to his own personal dimension, a world of rolling storm clouds that he can use to strand foes in. He has also displayed the ability to open a portal to someone when given a connection to said person. He also proves himself to be powerful in the art of Fuinjutsu, owning a sealing coffin that is powerful enough to seal Naruto firmly with no other way but space-time ninjutsu to break the seal, in the anime, he was shown to use Fire Release, using fireball attacks on his opponents.


Isshiki has a right eye dojutsu called the Kokugan that allows him to perform his signature technique Sukunahikona, a technique that allows him to instantly shrink himself or anything non-living target he sees and just as quickly restore its original size. Afterwards, he can use Daikokuten to store the shrunken targets into a pocket dimension and summon at full size at any given time. Even while in Jigen's body and not manifesting this unique eye, he can still access these abilities, though at a lower level, but still fast enough to be invisible to even

the eyes and senses of Naruto and Sasuke when he wasn't using his Sharingan, able to shrink his black rods to launch them at microscopic size into the bodies of his foes while leaving them completely unaware, before returning them to their original size to instantly inflict catastrophic injuries. He can also enlarge them whenever necessary to counter armed blows from enemies. He can also apply the ability to his own body, allowing him to disappear from sight and manoeuvre around the battlefield, as if teleporting, fast enough to catch the likes of Naruto and Sasuke off-guard, and is even still able to apply this to anything except living beings such as flames. While this requires hand motions while in Jigen's body, upon being reincarnated, with his right eye active, Isshiki was able to use this with just a gaze and it's on a completely different level, able to even shrink techniques in an instant, as he was able to effortlessly minimize Koji's flames and even Naruto and Boruto's Rasengan, as well as summon the pillars he shrunk earlier to easily pin down Koji despite his Sage Mode being able to sense it. He also proves to be able to use this for more creative purposes such as shrinking down structures to cause damage to the surroundings and unbalance a foe's footing. He can also use an unnamed technique to manifest and telekinetically control massive black cubes that can disrupt sensory abilities. His right eye also appears to possess unique sensing powers, capable of viewing his life force in the form of fiery shadows and also sensing the progress of Boruto's Kama.

In addition, Isshiki also possessed a Byakugan, though seemingly only in his left eye and cannot access it when in a vessel. It grants him the usual near 360° field of x-ray vision, though certain places can be warded from his sight as Konoha used to hide Kawaki from Isshiki's Byakugan, and the ability to see the chakra pathway system. He is shown to be able to use it to read the minds and fates of others, as he quickly determined that Koji was the clone of Jiraiya and had the same fate as Jiraiya: a mighty star of change.


Unlike other Otsutsuki, Isshiki has demonstrated incredible levels of cunning intellect that effectively supplemented his mighty powers. He is extremely intuitive and an exceptional leader, manipulator and deceiver, founding the extremely large organization Kara and successfully convincing most of it's members to have absolute loyalty in him by promises of benefitting from the Chakra Fruit that would be bore from the Ten Tails and proving himself capable of detecting ruses and lapses of loyalty in his members, even the likes of genius-level intellectuals like Victor, Koji and Amado, as well as deceiving them, as he was able to catch on their subtle coups against him and effectively pretend to let it slide and remain trusting of them, even fooling the other Inners to the point of feigning complete trust in Koji, eventually tricking Koji and Amado into revealing their motives. Isshiki accounted the possibility of him being forced to an extreme fight in his attempt to retrieve Kawaki by absorbing chakra from the Ten Tails before going to attack Konoha, which despite failing to fulfill his goal of acquiring Kawaki and only because of the unexpected interference of Sasuke, having nearly managed to get rid of Naruto by teleporting him to another dimension, accurately turning the fact that for all of the Hokage's might, he is incapable of Space-Time Ninjutsu, almost against him, and proving capable of matching wits with them, swiftly managing to avoid defeat in the face of their unexpected tactics with uses of his abilities on the fly, ultimately managed to allow Isshiki to defeat Naruto and Sasuke, going as far as to account for Naruto's resillience by opting to leave him alive. Likewise, after being imperfectly reincarnated, he effortlessly deduced the full extent of Amado's plans, which even Koji couldn't figure out, and in his second attempt to retrieve Kawaki, Isshiki, despite facing the threat of a swift death, managed to swiftly drag Kawaki to him by using his connection to Naruto, a tactic that not even Amado himself believed Isshiki to be capable of coming up. Indeed, even in death, Isshiki was still able to remain calm and use the White Kama he gave Code to entrust him with the legacy of the Otsutsuki, succeeding in preserving the clan's tradition.



  • From how Isshiki described that with his death, the will of the Otsutsuki could end, it is possible that with Kaguya sealed away due to her immortality, and Momoshiki, Kinshiki, and Urashiki dead, there were no other Otsutsuki left, henceforth why he gave Code all of his power from his White Kama so he could become a new Otsutsuki.
  • Since Isshiki is in the same clan as Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki, the ancestor of Naruto Uzumaki, he is one of Hagoromo's cousins and is therefore related to Naruto.

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