Give me something great.
~ It's a Bully telling the player to give up an item to pass by him.

It's a Bully is a supporting antagonist in Baldi's Basics In Education & Learning and the Field Trip demo.

He was voiced by the game's creator Micah "Mystman12" McGonigal.


Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

It's a Bully was presumably brought in by the school because "every good school needs a good bully". Beyond that, however, it is unknown what It's a Bully's association with the school is, like if he is employed or brought there by some other means.

It's a Bully will stand at the end of hallways, blocking the entire way and preventing anyone from passing. If the player comes across It's a Bully and wants to pass, they must sacrifice an item in their inventory for It's a Bully to steal, so that he can move to a new hallway. This can result in the player being without items needed later in the game.

If the player does not have any items in their inventory, It's a Bully will mock them and not allow them to pass, forcing the player to seek out a different route and, in worse cases, risk capture by Baldi.

Field Trip demo

In the Field Trip demo, he will dress up as a tree and steal the player's sticks.


It's a Bully is a thuggish and brutal thief, though his motivations as to why he wants to steal are unclear. They may be because he is employed by the school to do so and serve as their "bully", or, more likely, simply because he enjoys being evil and annoying. He acts in a mocking and condescending manner, speaking in a faux polite and kind way.


I'll take that, it's mine now.
~ It's a Bully taking items.
I'm gonna take your Candy!
~ It's a Bully taking the chocolate bar from the player.
What? No Items? No Items, No Pass!
~ It's a Bully telling the player to give him something or else he won't let the player pass.
Thanks for the generous donation.
~ It's a Bully
I want those sticks.
~ It's a Bully taking the player's sticks in the Field Trip demo.





  • It's a Bully cannot be swept by Gotta Sweep.
  • If the Principal of the Thing sees It's a Bully bullying the player, he will remove It's a Bully from the hall and give him detention.
  • The large "THIS IS A BULLY" text may be a reference to bad anti-bullying videos.
  • There is an unused image called "PlaceFace" in the game's files which appears to be an early version of this character, seen in screenshots on the developer's Twitter. The unused image consists of only a head.
  • It's a Bully's model was actually created by Mystman12 years before the development for Baldi's Basics in Education & Learning started.
  • His echoing voice might be inspired by the video, "preschool bully", by PilotRedSun.


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