Ttthhhaaattt isss ttthhheee Ittt.
~ Mrs. Which telling Meg, Charles Wallace, and Calvin about the It.

IT, also known as Red while possessing him, is the main antagonist of the novel A Wrinkle in Time (the first installment to the Time Quintet series), and its 2003 and 2018 film adaptations. He is an powerful entity taking the form of a brain, and he is the ruler of planet Camazotz.

In the 2018 film, he was voiced by David Oyelowo, who also played Steven Jacobs in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Agent Kallus in Star Wars: Rebels, and Scar in The Lion Guard. While possessed his human puppet Red, he was portrayed by Michael Peña, who also played Grubber in My Little Pony: The Movie.


IT is an enigmatic and telepathic entity that appears as a giant human brain who dominates the planet of Camazotz, which has succumbed to the Black Thing. IT is housed in a dome near the "CENTRAL Central Intelligence" building, and brainwashes the Man with Red Eyes (called Red). Using him, IT controls all the people in Camazotz and makes them often do the same things together in a mechanistic synchronism as if they were robots. Like Charles Wallace (who also has the ability to read certain peoples minds) said: they act as robots but are not. IT speaks through the Man With Red Eyes and later through Charles Wallace, and is functionally a servant of the interstellar cloud of evil called the Black Thing. IT's aim is to enforce absolute conformity on Camazotz, with the claimed benefit of eliminating war, unhappiness and inefficiency. However, IT is aware of cruelty, referring to "ITself" as "The Happiest Sadist". Eventually, Meg defeats IT with her love, which IT does not have, by focusing all her love on Charles Wallace and freeing him from IT's control.


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