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Itori is an antagonist in the manga/anime series Tokyo Ghoul and its sequel Tokyo Ghoul:re. She is a member of the Clowns.

She was voiced by Ayahi Takagaki in the Japanese version, and Jamie Marchi in the English version of the anime.


Itori met Uta in the 4th ward where he was the leader, Itori fell in love with him and stayed in his gang where she also met Yomo who became close friends for years to come. Itori later met Ken Kaneki who has just been turned into a ghoul after his encounter with Rize Kamishiro. She tells Kaneki that there has been a rumor going around that the steel beams that crushed both him and Rize was not an accident and asked for information on the Ghoul Restaurant from Shuu Tsukiyama in exchange for information on whoever was responsible for the incident with the steel beams.

Kaneki returns to the bar and tells Itori that he has no information on the restaurant which upsets her but still commends him for trying as he still put his life in danger to assist her. Later on, Kaneki brought a list of Cochlea escapees in exchange for information on Akihiro Kanou (who was responsible for turning Kaneki into a ghoul) but was then enraged at Kaneki for destroying the ghoul restaurant as she still needed information to benefit the Clowns.

In Tokyo Ghoul:re Itori first appears in Kichimura Washuu's office along with the other Clown's discussing the 24th ward and Goat which was now formed by Kaneki as potential threats along with they're chances at destruction. Itori later carried an unconscious Yomo and planned to watch Kaneki's kakuja structure cause destruction to the rest of the city while Yomo refusing to stay back and watch, attempts to figure out a way to help Kaneki and end the destruction. Itori later joined the battle with the other Clown's (excluding Roma Hoito, who is now dead) between the battle with the C.C.G. and V. The battle with Uta and Yomo starts with Itori spectating and Itori remarks how he has changed since joining Anteiku. The battle ends with Yomo sparing Uta but refusing to kill them as they are still old friends with Itori in some belief that Uta is still alive.

In the epilogue, Itori has stayed alongside Uta and Nico and continued their plans to kill Yomo every once and awhile while still having their friendship intact. She may have never told Uta her true feelings for him.


Itori has long, peachy orange hair, parted down the center and worn loose.


Itori is a very cruel and sadistic woman as she is a member of the Clowns who have a revel of killing humans (especially the C.C.G.). She loves to cause chaos and destruction just for the fun of it as it is the Clowns saying "we get the last laugh" showing off her malicious side. Outside of her role as a Clown, she tends to act very friendly and talkative especially to which gives off some form of a kind side to her. Itori also has feelings for Uta to which she has never revealed too and by the end of the series, it is unknown if she revealed her true feelings for him.


  • In Tokyo Ghoul Trump, she is referenced as the "Eight of Clubs"
  • Sui Ishida has confirmed that Itori has a mole on her left breast.


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