Itsuro Takuma, the Centipede Orphnoch, is a member of the Lucky Clover and a major antagonist in Kamen Rider 555.

He was portrayed by Jun Yamasaki.


Takuma and the other members of Lucky Clover were employed by Kyoji Murakami to hunt down rogue Orphnochs who refused to obey Smart Brain and attempt to wipe out humanity.

Initially an imposing figure, after he is defeated and nearly killed by Takumi in Faiz Axel Mode Takuma loses his stability within Lucky Clover, not helped by his continued defeats afterwards, leading to him becoming something of a whipping boy for Kitazaki. Eventually, after the Orphnoch King awakens and kills Kitazaki, Takuma runs away and abandons the Orphnochs' cause, instead choosing to join human society and become a construction worker.



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