Itzpapalotl, or simply Itzpa, also known as Solaya or La Llorona, is a soul gatherer from Xibalba (the Aztec hell) who is the main villain in the seventh episode of the third season of the TV Series From Dusk Till Dawn. The character, played by Brazilian actress Fernanda Andrade, is directly based on the Aztec goddess of the same name.


In the early days of mankind, she fell in love with a man, but he eventually cheated on her and killed their first-born child. Since this incident, she began hating all men and tormenting humans and culebras (vampires) whenever possible.

In the present day, she still acts as a demonic entity and a servant of Amaru.


Itzpa is first seen making out with Freddie Gonzalez, the "peacekeeper". When Amaru is kidnapped by Seth Gecko, Scott Fuller and Professor Aiden Tanner, she telepathically calls Itzpa to come to her aid.

After revealing her true form, she fights and successfully scratches Scott and Gonzalez.

When Kate Fuller temporarily takes control of her own body, she reveals that Amaru set the team up and was actually looking for the Freddie's wife and little daughter, the "Spirit Guides" needed to perform a ritual to regain her true body. By fooling Freddie into calling his family and listening to their conversation, Itzpa is able to figure out the location of his family and then proceeds to communicate the information telepathically to Amaru.

Itzpa then takes Amaru's followers and takes Gonzalez' little daughter and ex-wife. Although she is later interrupted by Gonzalez, Richie, and Burt, she stays to fight while the rest of Amaru's followers take Gonzalez' family. She is then stabbed to death by both Burt and Gonzalez.


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