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Ivan is a major antagonist in Pixar's 12th full-length animated feature film Cars 2. He is a tow truck and servant to the head of the Hugo Crime Family, Victor Hugo.

He was voiced by Stanley Townsend, who voiced Hugo and Vladimir Trunkov in the same film.


He was seen with Holley Shiftwell when she tricked him to thinking she needed her help for her grandfather. He was eventually tasered by Holley. When Mater was abducted by the Lemons, Ivan showed up and talked to Lightning for a while to cover the lemons' tracks. In the end, Mater hit Ivan unconscious while everyone was fighting in London. He was arrested in the same location.


Like his employer, Victor Hugo, Ivan is evil and is willing to serve his employer by towing and transporting him to places. Ivan is also loyal to the Lemons as he is willing to help them accomplish their goals in discrediting alternative fuel so they can become powerful and rich once they sell oil from their oil rigs.

Ivan is also shown to be attracted to beautiful women, such as Holley Shiftwell when she tricks him into believing she needs help for her grandfather. However, if Ivan realizes he has been tricked, he has a tendency to hold grudges as shown when he captures Holley and sarcastically asks her how her grandfather is. Also, Ivan is manipulative like Sir Miles Axlerod, the Lemons' leader. He manages to trick Lightning McQueen by convincing him he was the tow truck trying to catching his attention in order to distract him while the Lemons captured Mater and to prevent McQueen from knowing the Lemons' planning to assassinate him when Mater tried to warn him. However, Ivan is not as manipulative as Axlerod as McQueen was still convinced that he heard and saw Mater.

Similar to the Lemons, Ivan showed is cruel and murderous when he sadistically gave McQueen a hint of his planned death after managing to prevent him from discovering the Lemons' plan. Ivan was also willing to murder McQueen and Mater, along with Holley Shiftwell and Finn McMissile himself before he was defeated and arrested with his employers.



  • Ivan shares the same voice actor, Stanley Townsend with Victor Hugo and Vladimir Trunkov.
  • Ivan shares a model that is almost the same as Mater's model. Other differences between them are that they have different eye colors, and Ivan doesn't have buck teeth.
  • Ivan's name is pronounced "ee-van", not "eye-van."


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