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Ivan is the secondary antagonist of the 2002 video game Maximum Chase. He is the right-hand man of Coleman and the leader of the Executioners.


Not much is known about Ivan, but at some point, he was affiliated with Coleman's drug cartel.

Sometime after the cartel was destroyed, Ivan was ordered by Coleman to kill James Stanfield and obtain a capsule used for energy bombs. However, they chased down James' sister when they discovered that she had the capsule.

Eventually, Catherine meets with LAPD Traffic cop, Rick Summer, who drives away from the Executioners.

At one point Ivan chases Rick and Catherine through the L.A. storm drain in an Armored Personnel Carrier, but is destroyed by Rick. Later, Ivan commandeers a semi-truck and attempts to kill the duo on the Santa Monica freeway, but once again, Rick and Catherine outran him.

Ivan died when his Camaro gets caught in a series of explosions in South Bay pier while trying to beat Rick to the lighthouse.

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