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Ivan Landsness is a minor antagonist in Saw IV, the fourth installment of the Saw franchise.

He is the owner of a motel who secretly raped at least three women in the past, and because of it has the honor of being one of Jigsaw's most deserving victims.

He was portrayed by Marty Adams.


Officer Daniel Rigg comes across Ivan during Jigsaw's game at the Alexander Hotel, where it's revealed that he raped at least three women, even filming and photographing the acts for him to get off on whenever he wants. Rigg brings Ivan to a Jigsaw trap, strapping him to a bed where he'll have to either gouge out both of his own eyes or have his arms and limbs torn off. Ivan gouges out one eye but hesitates before he can do the other, resulting in him being dismembered and dying of blood loss shortly afterwards.


Ivan was a two-faced serial rapist and enjoyed being one, having filmed and photographed his horrific acts to pleasure himself whenever he so desires. He was also a coward when at Rigg's mercy, faking remorse and stating that he already paid for his crimes although he was clearly never convicted.

His only redeeming quality was that he loved his dog, Chance.

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