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Ivanhoe was a secondary antagonist in the 2018 Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman.

He was portrayed by Paul Walter Hauser.

In the 1970s Ivanhoe was a member of the Colorado branch of the Ku Klux Klan. A somewhat dimwitted man, he spent most of his time drinking and making a fool of himself. Drunk most of the time, he had a tendency to slur his speech.

He was lax on gun safety, pointing weapons at his fellow Klansmen and at himself, oblivious to the danger his actions presented to others.

After a young African-American police officer named Ron Stallworth managed to make contact with the Klan, fellow officer Flip Zimmerman posed as Stallworth and met the Klansmen face to face. Meeting this new recruit for the first time, Ivanhoe wanted to expound a great deal about the activities of the Klan to Zimmerman, but was quickly told to shut up by his compatriots, especially chapter president Walter Breachway and the paranoid Felix Kendrickson.

Ivanhoe was a regular participant in Klan activities, including an attempted cross burning, meeting grand wizard David Duke, and the initiation of the man they believed to be Ron Stallworth as a full member of the Klan.

Ivanhoe, alongside Felix, Connie and Walker, was one of the Klan members selected to assassinate Black student union leader Patrice Dumas. Connie placed the bomb with which they planned to kill Patrice under her car, but Felix, who was unaware of this, parked the car containing himself, Walker and Ivanhoe next to Patrice's just before detonating the bomb, which killed all three.


  • Years later, the real Ron Stallworth would state that the actual chapter president was more like Ivanhoe in stature and intellect than how he was portrayed in the film.
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