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Ivanovic is one of the main antagonists of the Manga Dance in the Vampire Bund, He is a ruthless warlord murderer and torturer. Together with allies Rozenmann and Li, he participated in the evil plan consisting of the capture of Mina in order for one of them to impregnate her. Ivanovic later leads a brutal attack on the Bund to capture Mina for his own pleasure. Once there, he deliberately targets civilians, and has the innocent fangless vampires executed to draw Mina out of hiding. He also uses as shock troops werewolves he's tortured into feral beasts that have forgotten their own humanity. Ivanovic In the past, he was also Grigori Rasputin and drove Russia into chaos and ruin. Mina barely rescued Grand Duchess Anastasia from being dragged to his bedchambers at the end. After learning of Mina's true form, Ivanovic launches an attack on the Bund, climaxing in a final duel to the death with Mina and Akira in the depths of the Cradle, the deepest layer of the Bund, where he is finally defeated and slain.


Ivanovic is a bearded man who dresses mostly in black with a silver cross hanging from his neck. He also appears older and hunched over. His true form is a massive, hideous beast that resembles the demon Baphomet, oozing with pus and decay.


Lord Ivanovic has a very aggressive and perverted demeanor and looks more as the villain compared to the other two lords. Ivanovic is also a pedophile as shown during Mina's chastity test, While Li is openly bored and Rozenmann doesn't look particularly interested, Ivanovic openly leans in with an expression of lust. He expressed a desire to enjoy Mina's young body to the fullest extent and at one point attempts to rape Mina when he can and has a disturbing taste for young girls, not caring that Mina is in her younger body as opposed to her adult form; he even declares he will only enjoy her adult body after he's had his pleasure of the younger one. He alsolusted after another girl Mina saved because she resembled Mina as a little girl.

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