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Iwao Himuro is the head of ISS and the main antagonist of the V-Cinema film Shin Kamen Rider: Prologue.

He was portrayed by Daijiro Harada.


Using his facility as a front for human experimentation, Himuro backed the research of geneticists Daimon Kazamatsuri and Giichi Onizuka, who were looking into cures for diseases such as AIDS and cancer by increasing the strength of the human body and testing their research on Kazamatsuri's son Shin. Himuro planned to use their research to mass produce cyborg soldiers to be sold to the military, a fact that Kazamatsuri was not aware of.

After having Onizuka imprisoned when he attempts to go against the syndicate, Himuro forces Dr. Kazamatsuri to continue with his experiments and ignores his pleas not to get his son involved, telling him "it's too late for that".

Himuro later meets his end after he shoots Ai, the pregnant girlfriend of Shin, causing Shin to fly into a rage and brutally kill him.

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