Izabella is a Rebel Army prison warden and a playable character in Metal Slug Attack. She appears as a character in the "Sadistic Emotion" Extra Ops mission.

Izabella takes joy in her duty as prison officer and enjoys punishing and disciplining her prisoners. She is also friends with the Rebel Army scientist Navy.


After learning of the Ptolemaic Army's new supply officer Sisilia, Izabella takes an interest in her and requests that Navy assist her in an attack the Ptolemaic Army to capture and interrogate Sisilia, whom Izabella had taken an interest in. In their attack, the two defeat Dragunov and Veronica, but the two are restored to full power by Sisilia's music has restorative powers. Realizing they are outmatched, Navy opts to retreat, dragging Izabella away with her.


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