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Izuma is a minor antagonist in the Star Wars franchise, appearing as the main antagonist of the fourth episode of Star Wars: Visions anime series, "The Village Bride". He is an Umbaran crime lord and the leader of a group of pirates that seek to pillage the Outer Rim world of Keelia in order to exploit what remains of its natural resources after the Clone Wars.

He was voiced by Andrew Kishino.


Sometime during the early Imperial Era, the Umbaran known as Izuma became the leader of a crime syndicate engaged in multiple forms of organized crime including piracy. Eventually, his syndicate stumbled upon the planet Keelia, a forested planet that had lost the majority of its natural resources to the Separatist war machine during the Clone Wars. Seeking to seize what little remained of the planet’s resources in order to expand his criminal empire, Izuma sent his pirate goons to raid the planet.

During this time, the pirates found several B1 Battle Droids that had been left behind by the Sepratists during the Clone Wars. Repairing and reprogramming them, Izuma and his pirates used them as an army to take Keelia's remaining resources and intended to use the planet as a base to further expand his criminal operations.

He also sent the droids to subjugate the Meevai, the native tribe of the planet, in order to ensure they would resist his exploitation of their world. Eventually, Izuma agreed not to destroy the Meevai's village if their chief agreed to be their hostage as a means of ensuring the cooperation of the tribe. While the chief initially agreed, his granddaughter, Haru, volunteered to take his place which Izuma accepted.

On the morning Izuma arrived to take Haru into his custody (along with her newly wed husband Asu), he had his droids secretly search the village in order to ensure their would be no attempts against him and his raiders. The battle droids managed to apprehended Saku, Haru's sister, and her friends who were plotting to assassinate Izuma. Seeking to make an example out of Saku, Izuma drew his blaster and prepared to shoot her despite Haru's pleas and promises of no more resistance. Sadistically, Izuma stated that there were "no exceptions", as fired upon Saku. However, much to his shock and confusion, the blast he fired stopped in midair.

This was revealed to be the work of F, a Jedi survivor of Order 66, who had arrived to stop Izuma and his raiders from destroying the village. Shocked and furious at F for preventing him from killing the girl, he furiously demanded to know who she was. Not answering, F then redirected Izuma's blast fire back to his blaster, causing it to explode and burning his hand.

The furious Izuma then ordered his henchman and battle droids to attack F and destroy the village. Before they could, however, Vaan, F's companion, opened fired upon the droids from a nearby cliff, before using a rocket to destroy the raiders' ship. With the ship's central computer destroyed, the droids lost power and were deactivated while Izuma's remaining henchman fled in fear.

Unwilling to accept defeat, the Umbaran gangster retrieved a blaster and then held Haru at gun point. With the girl as his hostage, he once again questioned F's identity, demanding to know if she was a monster. Calmly F revealed, much to Izuma's shock, that she was a Jedi and pulled out her lightsaber. Realizing that he didn't stand a chance against her, Izuma attempted to execute Haru, but before he could, F forced dashed towards him and sliced off his gun-wielding arm along with mortally injuring him with a slice to his chest. With a look of shock and disbelief on his face, Izuma dropped dead from his injury, his tyranny upon Keelia over the Meevai villagers freed at last.


To his core, Izuma showed himself to be a pitiless, cruel, greedy, tyrannical, and immoral individual. A ruthless crime lord and pirate, Izuma was a heartless person who enjoyed the power and status he had gained from his criminal empire and would do anything to fuel his wealth and power. He was also very cautious and intelligent, as he anticipated that some of the Meevai villagers were plotting against him and took precautions to ensure they would pose no threat to him.

While he usually presented himself with good manners, he is, in truth, an easily angered individual who develops an intense fury whenever things didn't go his way or when he is defied by others.

When F arrived and prevented him from executing Saku, Izuma instantly went into a state of other fury, unable to tolerate resistance and unwilling to accept defeat. He was also shown to be a very sadistic individual, as he devilishly smiled as attempted to murder Saku before her sister and clan's eyes, even when he did not have to. Keeping this in mind, it is quite possible he never really intended to honor his agreement with the Meevai, and possibly sought to exterminate them just for his own amusement, showing him to be genocidal as well.

Because of his anger and ego, however, Izuma is not a coward. Unable to accept defeat, Izuma scorned his fleeing henchman as being cowards for fleeing when it became clear that they had no hope of victory. Rather than surrender, he took Haru hostage and intended to kill her despite knowing that he would be killed himself soon after.

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