Huh, who do you think I am I'm the only beautiful person in this world, the only beautiful hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahaha.
~ Izumiko said to people and herself
I will kill those I hate, but if I let them do good things ah why am I saying this but, Today I will do good things.
~ Izumiko saying to the people

Izumiko Suzuhara is the titular protagonist villainess in Red Data Girl (2008) and the main antagonist in the video game.


Izumiko seems to be a caring person though she is a extremist when it comes to her family or friends. She and Mayura Souda are bestfriends though became rivals and fight against each other. She became an anti-heroine in the series, though later in the video game she is the main antagonist who seeks vengeance against humanity she succeded in destroying people. Though eventually fall in a portal and trap in there. She is the main final boss though it is unknown if she will be the future antagonist in the video game.


Izumiko is kind hearted, caring though she became villainess when she is an extremist state and kill as many humans as possible. She is an expert in calculations and cunning, manipulative in other people.


Her appearance is same as on Red Data Girl like brown hair and school uniform sometimes casual clothes.



  1. Unnamed people
  2. Unnamed students

Video Game

  1. Hundreds of innocent people.
  2. Unnamed students
  3. Unnamed family


She has many vast array of supernatural powers

  • Omnipotence: She has the ability to do anything without limits and see all direction and know anything this power will have limitations.
  • Supernatural abilities: She has a vast magical/supernatural powers like teleportation, reading minds and cursing.
  • Martial arts: She has a vast knowledge in self defense.
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