Kagome, am I going to die.. as a human?
~ Izumo's last words.

Izumo is a half-demon, and an antagonist in the anime Inuyasha.

He was voiced by Lee Tockar.


Izumo/Gyu-oh was a half-demon born between a male templemonk and a female bull-demon. In contrast to all other half-demons in the series, he was a pure human during the day, and a pure demon at night. He took the name Izumo for his human form.

He sought a way to become a full human, because he found his existence as a half-demon bad. After visiting many countries, he learned about the "Shikon no Tama", a sacred jewel that could transform a half-demon into a pure demon or a pure human being. This, however, was broken. Thereupon, Gyu-oh teamed up with a group of demons who also sought this jewel to become more powerful.

He created several false jewels, which the demons they used to make stronger, but were not even as powerful as the real jewel. In order to create a new jewel, he finally kidnapped Kagome and wanted to use and sacrifice her friends. But his plans failed, and the demons which has been allied with him were defeated. Finally, he tried to strengthen himself with the false jewels. When, however, he turned into a human at daybreak, the false jewels killed him.

Powers and Abilities

  • High Intellect: He has shown that he is really smart, and like a philosopher, to find the deeper meaning in many things. Kagome was even convinced that he was a scholar. Besides, he was also able to lure the friends into the trap with a clever plan. And he could create the false jewels.
  • Superhuman Powers: Like all half-demons, Gyu-oh had more strength, stamia and resilence than a human being. He was strong enough to make a landslide with a bow of his club. The demons who were allied with him could quickly defeated by Inuyasha, but Gyu-oh was a strong opponent in the fight.
  • Spiritual Powers: In his human form he is more pure and spiritual than ordinary humans. Even wild birds sit down on his hands and shoulders. And even in his demonic form, he can still create a barrier strong enough to ward of the sword Tessaiga.
  • Miasma: He can also generate toxic fumes to attack his opponents.


  • Gyu-oh is the only half-demon in the series where the father was a human and the mother a demon.
  • Cows, oxen and bulls are often considered as dumb or stupid in fiction. Gyu-oh is very clever, and thus an exception to this stereotype.
  • In the original dub it becomes clear that Izumo is a tragic villain because he has gone mad by his nocturnal transformations. But in the English dub he has become a full-fledged villain.


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