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Izzy Sick Girl
There's nothing wrong with hurting things smaller than you, providing you also take on things bigger than you.
~ Izzy's philosophy

Izzy is the villain of the 2007 horror film Sick Girl. She is a sociopathic girl, who underwent a psychotic break.

She is portrayed by actress Leslie Andrews.


  • Middle child in a family of 3 children. Had one older brother and one younger brother.
  • Parents no longer around.
  • In love with older brother. Sees herself as his wife and her young brother as their son.
  • Older brother left to fight in Iraq. However, it was not revealed until the end of the film via flashback, he died in the war.
  • Younger brother killed himself after discovering Izzy's tortured victims in the barn.
  • She was last seen walking away as she started to burn down her barn.


  • Schoolbus of nuns and school girls. Killed via handgun.
  • A school girl who managed to escape. Killed via poisoning (depicted as pouring gasoline in mouth) or incineration (implied).
  • Young man (name Jugs). Killed via straight razor to the throat.
  • A young couple (Michael and Stephanie).
    • The boyfriend was gagged and his hands and feet were tied up. Izzy sliced off his penis while erect and was whimpering and gushing blood everywhere. He eventually died from bleeding to death.
    • The girlfriend was tortured (via rape with a large nail on a board; her boyfriend's severed penis was impaled on the tip of the nail but fell off after being torn apart in the first wave of thrusts; Izzy continued with a second and third wave of thrusts with just the bare nail & board.) Eventually, the girlfriend was killed when Izzy tied her up with her boyfriend's corpse and burned down the barn where they were hidden.
  • Three bullies who chose to mess with her little brother
    • She manipulated the lead bully to kill his two followers. (One was killed via drowning and the other was stabbed in the back with a knife)
    • She tortured the lead bully by tying him up to a chair, putting a sack over his head and let a starved rat eat his face. She killed him via a hammer to his limbs.
  • Her older brother's girlfriend. Killed via suffocation with a pillow.
  • Her neighbor Barney. Killed with an axe to the head.

In the DVD bonus, there is a 'Public Service Announcement' about staying quiet at the movies. Izzy is sitting at the movies, but there are so many distractions around her. Eventually, Izzy grabs a screaming baby and throws it to the ground. She also shoots several moviegoers who were talking loudly, using cell phones, and generally making noises during the movie.

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