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They are incredibly intelligent. And are capable of mutating in response to injury.
~ Piers with the report on J'avos.

J'avos are the major antagonistic species of videogame Resident Evil 6. Unlike ordinary zombies, J'avo maintain intelligence, and are capable of using weapons. They also mutate into next form when injured.


All J'avos appeared as normal humans, with multiple eyes scattered across the face. The J'avos in China wear kabuki masks and pirate clothes, Edonian J'avos wear winter-camouflage jackets, Neo-Umbrella J'avos wear insect helmets with special armor, and security J'avos wear black suits.

Types of J'avo

Edonian Liberation Army


ELA are the renegade military forces of Edonia. An unknown party supplied the army with C-Virus, which makes the first appearance of J'avo and Ogroman. Those J'avos are capable of using firearms, even controlling gunships and anti-aircraft cannons.


  • Submachine gun.
  • Light machine gun.
  • RPG.
  • Sniper rifle.
  • Combat knife.



Neo-Umbrella is a bio-terrorist organization founded by Carla Radames, and the soldiers are mostly comprised of J'avos. They wear insect-like helmets and crimson body armor, providing extra durability. Aside from gunships, Neo-Umbrella J'avos also pilot military-grade vehicles like fighter jets, gunboats and tanks.

The J'avos in the Neo-Umbrella research facility wear black, white or gray suits.


  • Assault rifle.
  • Submachine gun.
  • RPG.
  • Machete.
  • Sniper rifle.
  • Stun rod.
  • Wrist-mounted blade.


  • The J'avo are the successor of the Ganado and the Majini from previous Resident Evil games.


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