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You stab me?! A little piece of s**t child?!
~ J-12 trying to kill Farah Karim.
~ J-12's homicidal breakdown as he tries to strangle Hadir.

J-12 is a minor yet pivotal antagonist in the 2019 video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the reboot of the Modern Warfare sub-series. He is a Russian soldier and member of a rogue military force led by General Barkov and partook in the invasion into Urzikstan.

He was voiced by Stefan Kapičić.


During Barkov's invasion into Urzikstan, he enters the Karim family's house and points his AK-47 at Walid Karim and his children as they are leaving the house. Walid tells them to let his children go and J-12 refuses, continuing to point his weapon at him. Walid throws his backpack at J-12 and fights him. J-12 then pulls out a knife to attack Walid and Waild's son Hadir attempts to get the soldier off of his father but is knocked to the ground. Waild grabs the soldier's knife and stabs him. However, J-12 is able to overpower Walid and shoot him fatally. He begins searching the house, contacting fellow soldier J-13 in order to ask for permission to kill Hadir.

J-12 is ordered to keep Hadir alive, and to bring him to a truck. J-12 tells the soldier that there is another child, Farah, in the house and asks the soldier what are they going to do with Hadir. J-13 says that they will use him as a human shield, however, Farah may be killed if he so desires. Farah has to stay hidden so she can use household objects to attack J-12, disabling him at the legs. On the third attempt, J-12 counter-attacks and begins strangling Farah. Hadir gets up and stabs J-12, holds him by the neck, and tells Farah to stab J-12.

Farah proceeds to stab J-12 multiple times in the torso, before J-12 bluntly hits her with his arm. As he tries to then attack Hadir, Farah grabs J-12's AK-47 and fires into his body, killing him. Soldiers outside of the house can be heard stating that J-12 is missing from the group and not responding on radio. One soldier jokingly asks how he could have gone missing based on his size and build. His squad eventually find his body and inform their team leader.

His death and actions make an impact on both Hadir and Farah, who then grow up to lead the Urzikstan Liberation Force against General Barkov with the desire to kill him and retake the country from his oppressive control.



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