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J. Carrol Corcoran was a councilman of Gotham City and an antagonist in The New Batman Adventures.


During his reelection campaign, Councilman Corcoran endorsed the new vigilante The Judge to earn more votes. Corcoran presented himself to the voters as a decent leader of law & order to gain more votes. Some of the voters see his method of crime fighting unorthodox which Councilman Corcoran retorted that if Comissioner Gordon approves Batman's vigilantism, why can't he approve his own vigilante.

Corcoran illegally provided police files of Batman's enemies and other criminals to The Judge. The councilman cared more for his polls than The Judge or the crime in Gotham. Corcoran's popularity increases as The Judge captures more criminals. When Batman confronted the councilman, Corcoran told him that The Judge took down big criminals hard and stopped Arkham from being a revolving door for criminals, something the citizens of Gotham wanted.

Two-Face feared that he might be next on The Judge's list so he kidnapped Corcoran in the City Hall's parking lot to inquire information from him. Two-Face learned that Corcoran knows nothing so he had his henchmen to kill the councilman. Corcoran offered Two-Face and his henchmen $100,000 from his slush fund but they refused, The Judge stopped Two-Face's henchmen from killing Corcoran and confronted the councilman. Corcoran assumed that he was being rescued but he was wrong, the Judge told Corcoran about his crooked nature and saw his slush fund as theft. The vigilante was about to kill the councilman but was stopped by Batman who defeated the Judge. Corcoran begged Batman to help him because this incident and the news about his slush fund would bad for his reelection. It was too late, Batman unmasked the Judge, revealing himself to be Two-Face who developed a third personality. The police and press arrived on the scene, and Batman left Corcoran to be lost at words. Corcoran had no choice but to cancel his reelection campaign.

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