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J. Scar is a supporting antagonist of the 1996 film Eraser.

He is a corrupt U.S. Marshal who is in league with Robert Deguerin, being involved in a plot (formulated by U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Daniel Harper) to sell rail-guns in the black market.

He was portrayed by Mark Rolston, who also played Bogs Diamond in The Shawshank Redemption, Lex Luthor in Young Justice, Deathstroke in the Batman: Arkham video games and Norman Osborn in Marvel's Spider-Man.


Scar first appeared with several mercenaries surrounding the house of Cyrez Corporation executive Lee Cullen following the death of Cyrez Vice President William Donohue. As it turns out, Lee has come across evidence that Cyrez is selling rail-guns to Russian terrorists (led by Sergei Ivanovich Petrofsky) for a sum of $52 million under the direct orders of Harper himself. It is also revealed that Cyrez CEO Morehart has tapped Lee's phone as she was called a Washington Hearld reporter named Claire Issacs about the scandal.

As Harper sends out Agents Schiff and Calderon to murder Issacs, Scar and the mercenaries were tasked to use several railguns to take out Lee. Fortunately, U.S. Marshal John Kruger (the hero of the film) arrived to the rescue, though several FBI agents and Lee's ex-husband Darryl were killed in the process, much to Lee's distraught. Kruger managed to take out the mercenaries before escaping with Lee in a van, much to Scar's anger.

Eventually, Deguerin was able to pinpoint Lee's current location at Central Park Zoo while attempting to frame Kruger for the murder of U.S. Marshal Munroe. With this information, Scar led a few thugs to track down Lee. He was able to introduce himself to Lee as a U.S. Marshal, claiming that Kruger sent him over to help her. However, being warned earlier by Kruger that he actually works alone, Lee isn't fooled and shoots Scar in the leg before escaping into a reptile house. Scar and his thugs track down, demanding Lee to surrender herself, but Kruger arrives to the rescue, shooting down a glass room containing alligators, who then devour Scar's thugs to death. Scar is last seen moving away from an alligator, only for another one to bite him on the head, killing him instantly.

J. Scar's death.

Deguerin and his conspirators would later use Scar's death to brand Kruger and Lee as fugitives, though their scheme ends up being exposed afterwards.


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