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Hey what? You're crazy! Batman's gone crazy, guys!
~ JT Wicker when Batman interrogates him.

Officer JT Wicker is a minor antagonist in Batman: Arkham Knight. He is a corrupt cop who does favors for the criminal, Riddler.

He was voiced by Jim Meskimen.


Officer JT Wicker was a crooked GCPD officer who secretly was a mole for Riddler, but it's unknown when he started doing Riddler's bidding. His job for Riddler consisted mostly of leaving out various Riddler trophies across Bleake Island and report to Riddler whether Commisioner Gordon was picking up his trail. During the events of Batman Arkham Knight, Batman deduced JT Wicker's association to Riddler. Wicker first claimed that Batman was wrong, but eventually gave in and told the truth. Batman threw him into a cell and told him he no longer was a  cop. Later, JT Wicker tried to protest that he was a triple agent but to no avail.


  • Because of him being found at the GCPD Building, where Batman didn't actually fight anyone, Wicker was the only Riddler Thug to not be required to be beaten up and then interrogated.
  • Wicker was one of the few villains to get their own cell (in Batman Arkham Knight), along with Harley Quinn, Officer Owens (temporarily), Killer Croc, Mad Hatter, Ra's al Ghul (if he was denied the Lazarus cure) and Hush (not at GCPD). This was presumably for his own protection.


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