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You've kept me waiting, Alice. Have you never heard that punctuality is a virtue?
~ The Jabberwock
You selfish, misbegotten and unnatural child! You smelled the smoke, but you were in dreamland taking tea with your friends. You couldn't be bothered. Your room was protected and spared while your family upstairs roasted in an inferno of incredible horror!
~ The Jabberwock taunting Alice over her guilt in the deaths of her parents.

The Jabberwock is the Queen of Hearts' most dangerous servant and the secondary antagonist of American McGee's Alice.


American McGee's Alice

Alice being attacked by the Jabberwock hallucinations.

After his encounter with the Vorpal Blade, the Jabberwock was left with his body ravaged, mutilated, and weak. He was restored with new mechanical parts, (most likely designed by the Mad Hatter) and after Wonderland's fall, he acted as the Queen of Hearts' most ferocious enforcer.

After finding out she needed one of the Jabberwock's eyes to finally create the Jabberwock's Eye Staff, Alice set out to find him and encountered the creature in the Land of Fire and Brimstone in a manifestation of her former home. The Jabberwock proceeded to torment her by blaming her for the death of her family since she had not warned them of the fire in time.

Alice began battling the mechanical monster but just when it seemed that the Jabberwock would finish her, Gryphon appeared and managed to claw out one of his eyes.

The mechanical monster fled with Gryphon in pursuit and the two began a one-on-one battle in Queensland, but this time, the Jabberwock emerged victorious, striking down his foe. Alice appeared and managed to slay him, avenging the death of Gryphon.

Madness Returns

Though Jabberwock was not brought back to life when Wonderland was restored, he continued to haunt Alice in her hallucinations. In her memories, the Jabberwock's image appeared in Alice's burning home and as Alice wandered London, she was surrounded in an alley by a hallucination of a mob of human figures with the Jabberwock's head. They disappeared when Nurse Witless showed up, but at her home, she mutated into a hybrid of herself and the Jabberwock. This caused Alice to finally return to Wonderland.

Powers and Abilities

The Jabberwock possesses great strength due to his large size and can use his claws and fangs in combat. He can breathe fire, shoot an energy beam from his eye, and fly. The Jabberwock also has the Jabberspawn, his offspring, to help him in battle.


  • The Jabberwock seems to be a representation of Alice's survivor's guilt since he constantly reminds her of how she failed to warn her family about the fire while she escaped.


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