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Jack In Irons is a legendary monster from the videogame City of Heroes. He was a member of the Red Caps faction but was not one of the vicious little goblins - indeed he was instead a literal fairy tale ogre who had wandered for many years in the spirit realms before being summoned by the Red Caps to cause havoc : only appearing during special Halloween events he was an extremely dangerous opponent that required several heroes working together to defeat.

He was based upon an ogre from real-world folklore, also known as Jack In Irons.


Jack In Irons was said to have wandered for many years in the spiritual world but only recently managed to enter the mortal world, via the summoning magic of the malicious Red Caps - who brought the ogre to the already suffering Croatao, an area of land invaded by supernatural monsters : to Jack his new surroundings was not a terrible burden and he soon found delight in being free, since Croatao provided him with many people to terrorize - he thus decided to make the place his new home and even built himself a primitive throne by which to signify his conquest over the new territory.

Of course, due to the large population of superheroes within the setting of the game Jack's reign of terror is doomed to fail, for if he ever grows to bold heroes may come to fend him off, ensuring Croatao gets at least a temporary relief from the monster's presence - though he does not go quietly and is more than powerful enough to tackle entire groups of heroes at a time.

He is said to have a fierce rivalry with Eochai, the leader of the Fir Bolgs - who Jack will sometimes engage in battle with during "the Croatoa War" event.


Jack In Irons is a grotesque humanoid giant who is said to take pride in his hideous, bloated form - he dresses in primitive attire, complete with heavy metal chains and a massive club - he is also prone to collecting heads, which he wears as trophies and finds great pleasure in the terror these grisly sights bestow upon any who come across him.



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