Jack is a villain in the episode "Fight Schlub" of the TV sitcom The King of Queens.
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He was portrayed by Adam Ferrara.

In the episode

Doug befriends Jack, who works at a rival delivery company, bonding with him in the process. Jack even lets him have one of his concert tickets, so the two can go together. When Doug confesses his friendship to his friends at IPS, they are dismayed and leave him. Later, Doug meets him in an alleyway to go to the concert, but he is shocked to learn that it was all a prank and Jack's buddies haul him away.

Later, Doug and his friends at IPS, confront Jack and his gang while at a restaurant to fight for their table. When Doug envisions himself being beat up by them, he decides to surrender and take his place near the restroom, which, of course, is a very dismal place to sit while eating.