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Where you goin'?!
~ Jack's most famous quote said by him multiple times in the film to both Sandie and Ellie.
You were the one that wanted this!
~ Jack shows Sandie her responsibilities of bringing her own pain.

Jack is the central antagonist of the 2021 psychological horror film Last Night in Soho.

He was a talent agent in the 1960s who took Sandie under his wing as her manager. Although he presented himself as caring at first his abusive and cruel nature became apparent quickly and his actions ultimately led Sandie into becoming a serial killer who would vow to end the lives of every man who mistreated her starting with Jack. Death didn't stop Jack however as his ghost became the leader of the spirits belonging to Sandie's victims and he decided to bring about revenge upon her by haunting her new lodger Eloise Turner.

He was portrayed by Matt Smith who also played Mr. Clever in Doctor Who, Patrick Bateman in the West End musical adaptation of American Psycho, The T-5000 in Terminator Genisys and Milo Morbius in Morbius.


Jack was a pimp operating in London as a talent manager in the 1960s, he was introduced to Sandie in the Cafe de Paris when the latter approached him asking to be represented before impressing him with her dancing skills and charisma, prompting him to buy her a drink, unfortunately however due to a fight breaking out between Jack and a sleazy patron harassing Sandie the two had to flee the club before Jack took Sandie home and the two agreed to meet the following night to discuss business.

Surely enough the following night Jack arrived at her doorstep and took Sandie to a club in Soho where she auditioned to be a headliner for the club, she got the gig when she impressed the proprietor with her singing skills. Jack continued representing Sandie from here on however she quickly began noticing red flags and cracks in his persona which made it clear he wasn't who he truly said he was, straining their relationship.

Sandie's suspicions turned out true as Jack was soon revealed to be nothing more than a ruthless and cruel pimp who used multiple women in her position to get himself money, even getting angry at Sandie for protesting and running away as a result of discovering how truly cruel and reprehensible the entertainment world and especially the club scene was, while people like Jack looked at it without the bat of an eye, just seeing it as the way things are, being perfectly willing to sell Sandie off to any client as long as the price was right.

The two's relationship eventually crumbled completely when after a heated fight an enraged Jack attacked Sandie on the bed, beating her before attempting to stab her to death, thankfully however Sandie managed to momentarily distract him by slashing his cheek open with her nails before grabbing his knife and stabbing him to death 100 times. Although Jack was now dead his spirit lingered and was beyond furious with what had happened to him.

Following this incident Sandie driven mad and angry by vengeance began killing every single man who had wronged and abused her throughout her career, all the while their spirits would linger and fall under Jack as agents awaiting to take their revenge on the woman who killed them. The ghosts had no such luck until 50 years later when a young fashion student named Eloise moved into Sandie's house after the latter offered accommodation for her old bedroom, the same bedroom where Jack and the other men were killed. Eloise happened to be very sensitive to supernatural phenomena which made Jack and the other ghosts' attempts to communicate with her much easier.

Throughout her dreams in the next few nights Eloise began seeing visions from the past depicting Jack and Sandie's time together. Although at first these were fairly pleasant dreams for her which even inspired her in her working and social life as an avid fan of the 1960s she soon began seeing the darker elements to their relationship, being horrified at the revelation that Jack was pimping out Sandie and several other women in similar situations. All the while Eloise had no idea that she was actually living with Sandie herself.

Soon Ellie's visions began escaping into her everyday life with the ghosts and Jack haunting her nearly constantly, never allowing her a moment of peace resulting in her suffering from extreme mental and emotional distress which climaxed when she saw an altered vision of the night when Jack died, only here the events were rewritten to make Jack the one who killed Sandie. Following this Ellie found herself completely helpless and still tormented by the visions and consequently she went to the police for help, explaining the entire situation to a pair of detectives. While the male detective was unsympathetic and even mocking to Ellie the female detective took her claims seriously and promised her that she would look into what she said although did tell her to not get her hopes up due to the case being several decades old.

After almost stabbing her classmate and bully Jocasta in the face following another vision Ellie was blasted with yet another series of terrifying sights, eventually encountering Jack's ghost after attempting to communicate with an apparition of Sandie. Jack punched Ellie knocking her to ground, exhausted and defeated she allowed herself to simply lay in the rain for a moment before seeing the man she believed to be Jack in the present day heading to the Irish pub were Ellie worked as a barmaid. She served him his drink and the two talked while she interrogated him into what happened with Sandie eventually prompting him to leave the building before telling her that "Alex killed Sandie" just as he finished his rant to Ellie however he was hit by an oncoming car and left in critical condition. It was here when Ellie learned that this man was in fact not Jack but a retired police detective named Lindsay who actually tried to help Sandie before ultimately needing to investigate Jack and the other men's disappearances, pointing to her as the prime suspect.

After all of this an overwhelmed and exhausted Eloise decided to leave London, too traumatized and broken to stay there even for another night. She had her love interest John help her leave before heading back to Sandie's house to inform her of what was happening as well to get her things. When she arrived Sandie invited her in for tea before explaining everything to her about the killings, Jack and herself, and although Ellie was sympathetic to her story and promised not to tell anyone what had happened Sandie revealed to her that she laced her tea with sleeping pills and that she would soon be dead anyway, although reassured her that it would be painless since she genuinely didn't want Ellie to suffer unlike the men. When John came to the door worried about Ellie she tried to stop Sandie from stabbing him with a pair of scissors to no avail and a fight broke out between Ellie and Sandie as the former tried to head upstairs to the emergency landline. Meanwhile unbeknownst to either woman in Ellie's drowsy rush to come to John's aid she bumped into the table and knocked Sandie's ashtray into a box of records which promptly erupted in flames due to a still live cigarette bud being present. Although John tried to warn them they couldn't hear him and were too distracted by their fight. Eventually Ellie managed to get the upper hand by allowing enough distance between her and Sandie, letting her kick the latter in the knee temporarily flooring her. It was here when Sandie finally heard John's warnings and she realised the building was on fire.

Almost as soon as she entered her room the ghosts immediately began attacking Ellie all the while Sandie was breaking through the door. Soon however the ghosts stopped trying to fight Ellie and placed her on the bed, one then picked up the phone and begged her to help them, with the rest soon joining in, asking her to kill Sandie for what she did to them, considering the circumstances of their deaths however Ellie refused to help them. At this instant Sandie broke through the door and was met with the ghosts of almost all of her victims who cowered in fear over her much to her horror. It was here when Jack finally reappeared, verbally berating Sandie before storming towards her and slapping her in the face, after which he and the others vanished.

Sandie regretful for everything apologised to Eloise and told her to save herself and John while she allowed herself to be killed, although she refused multiple times she eventually relented and hugged Sandie goodbye before leaving, allowing Sandie to let herself die. Shortly thereafter Ellie and John were rescued by the fire brigade and immediately given medical aid.

It can be assumed that the spirits of Jack and the other ghosts have been put to rest following Sandie's death, given that Sandie herself was now a ghost who was able to visit Eloise in a similar manner to the latter's late mother, suggesting that Jack and the others are now long gone.


Although at first he appears to be a a rather affable, friendly and caring man who treats Sandie well and acts as a generally decent boyfriend he ultimately reveals himself to be a cruel, manipulative, controlling, greedy and callous man who was willing to pimp Sandie out for his own gain. He was also very selfish and unsympathetic, going as far as to actually try and kill Sandie for trying to stand up to him.

In death his unpleasant nature has not disappeared with him still being presented as cruel, angry and grudgeful for his fate as well as openly sadistic in his hauntings towards Eloise. He was also the only ghost not to be afraid of Sandie perhaps due to him already being a violent and aggressive man in life who died while fighting as opposed to the others who were killed at times when they didn't expect it while also not being outwardly violent like Jack was in life.


Jack was a tall handsome, sharp dressed and well-built man in his thirties with thick, slicked back black hair and green eyes. His skin was pale and he was always seen wearing black suits either in solid colours or pinstriped with matching shoes, suspenders and ties alongside a white shirt. As a ghost Jack retained his appearance from life although still looked somewhat transparent like the other ghosts, he bore scars across his cheek and throat where Sandie had slashed and stabbed him, his spirit also wore the clothes he died in; his final black suit minus the jacket with his sleeves rolled up.


  • Although Sandie was the main antagonist, Jack was responsible for making Sandie the person she was because of his abuse and setting up other men to do the same as he did and was proven to be more dangerous than her when he tried to kill her and Ellie.
  • The film's trailers appeared to present Jack as the film's Big Bad with Terrence Stamp supposedly being the future incarnation of Jack however this was merely done as a red herring to disguise the film's ultimate twist regarding Sandie's true nature and Stamp's character was instead the future self of a police officer named Lindsay investigating the disappearances of the men Sandie killed back in the 60s, whose eccentric and rather creepy mannerisms made him seem suspicious to Eloise.
  • Jack is the only one of the ghosts in Sandie's home to actually look like himself and not have any of his features warped or disfigured. This is likely because unlike the rest of them Jack would be difficult for Sandie to flush out of her mind and memory given the impact he had on her life unlike what she did with the spirits of the other men which explains why they all look like vague shadows of human beings.

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  • Jack on the Pure Evil Wiki.


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