It's a beautiful bird.
~ Jack buying a bird for Ivan Vanko.

Jack is a major antagonist in the 2010 Marvel film Iron Man 2. He is the main assistant and butler of Justin Hammer and an employee of Hammer Industries.

He was portrayed by Jack White.


Being Hammer's main assistant, Jack was assigned to aid him in his plot to discredit Stark Industries. Upon seeing Whiplash attacking Tony Stark at Monaco, an impressed Hammer managed to break Whiplash out of prison, and Jack served both Whiplash and Hammer lunch afterwards.

After returning to Hammer Industries HQ, Jack witnessed Hammer forming a deal with Vanko in making suits of armor that they would use them to put an end to Tony's career for their own benefit. Vanko accepted the deal before asking for a pet bird. Jack managed to buy a bird for Vanko, though Vanko knows that the bird wasn't from Russia as Hammer and Jack claimed.

However, as Hammer was examining the work that Vanko was doing, he noticed that Vanko is actually building robot drones (known as Hammer Drones). Hammer asked Jack to put on one of the heads of the Hammer Drones to sarcastically show Vanko that he was not making helmets, but Vanko convinced both Hammer and Jack that the drones would be much better in their plot to discredit Stark. Though Hammer and Jack accepted this, they are unaware that Whiplash is actually planning to betray them by using the Hammer Drones to kill Stark in revenge for his father's death.

It is unknown what happened to Jack following Whiplash's death, though it can be presumed that he was arrested along with Hammer for his role in aiding Whiplash.



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