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Jack Anders is a major character in the 1980 horror film Cannibal Holocaust. He is a cameraman who helps Alan Yates and his crew commit various atrocities against a small village in order to get footage for a documentary.

He was portrayed by Perry Pirkanen.


Jack is a cameraman working with Alan Yates, who also has a job as a drummer for the punk band "The Monsters". He has a wife and son, but his wife notes that he was often absent and emotionally distant, spending most of his time with Alan.

In 1979, Jack, alongside Alan, Mark Tomaso, and Faye Daniels disappear while traveling through the Amazon Rainforest in order to shoot a documentary about the natives living there. Anthropologist Harold Monroe leads an expedition to find them, only to find their remains, along with the film they shot, being kept among the Ya̧nomamö Tribe. Monroe manages to negotiate with the tribe and get the film back.

The footage reveals that while going through the forest, the crew’s guide, Felipe, was bitten by a snake. The crew then proceeded to amputate his leg and leave him for dead. After a while, they capture, kill, and mutilate a turtle for food.

Eventuallyc, they come across the Yacumo Tribe, and Jack shoots one of them in the leg so they can easily follow him to their village. There, Jack, alongside the rest of the crew, proceed to terrorize the natives and force them into a hut, which they set on fire in order to stage a massacre, with Jack filming the whole time.

Afterward, the crew come across a Ya̧nomamö girl, and Jack, Alan, and Mark gang-rape her, while Faye tries to intervene. Jack and Alan insist on filming the rape taking place.

The crew then find the same Ya̧nomamö girl impaled on a pole by a riverbank, saying the natives must’ve killed in as part of a ritual (although it’s implied that they were the ones who killed her). The natives, in retaliation, attack the crew. Jack is the first to die, as the Ya̧nomamö tribe hit him with a spear, and Alan shoots him and leaves him for dead. The tribe the proceed to mutilate his corpse.


Jack has a very perverted personality, displayed early on in the film when he records Faye while she’s nude, ignoring her objections. This is amplified later on when he, Alan, and Mark rape the native girl, and he and Alan insist on filming it.

He also shares the same sadistic and psychopathic tendencies as Alan and Mark, shown when he helps them murder the Yacumo tribe, and films it all.


  • Jack’s actor, Perry Pirkanen, reportedly broke down in tears after the turtle scene.


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