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Villain Overview

Welcome to the family, son.
~ Jack's first and most famous quote.
Don't you worry. It's a whole lot worse than it looks. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and your mother's pretty f-cking close to meeting him right now. She wants me to do this. I must show her how devoted I am. She wants us all to show her our love. You don't wanna disappoint her, now do you?
~ Jack turning into a murderous monster right in front of his daughter Zoe.

Jack Baker is the secondary antagonist of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, as well as the main antagonist of the Nightmare and End of Zoe DLCs. He is also a posthumous antagonist in Resident Evil Village.

He is the patriarch of the Baker family and owner of a small estate in the swampland of Dulvey, Louisiana. Under Eveline's influence, he was responsible for the kidnappings of several innocent people and their transformation into horrendous monsters known as the Molded. As revealed in Resident Evil: Village, Jack ended up killing Ethan Winters upon their first meeting.

He was voiced by Jack Brand in the English version, and Kazuhiro Yamaji in the Japanese version.



They'll be OK here for a few days at least until we can get them into town.
~ Jack regarding the better decision to help Mia and Eveline, which unfortunately infuriated Eveline

In his childhood, Jack Baker was bullied by his older brother, Joe Baker when he broke Jack's nose when he fought against him. Joe then clothes-line Jack into the swamp as well as being called him a wimp who could never beat Joe. Both him and Joe served into the U.S Military.

Jack Baker was a normal father living with his family in Louisiana. However, at some point the entire family was infected with a fungus which attacked their brains, turning them insane while granting them superhuman durability and the ability to regenerate from grievous wounds. The family disappeared from public life in 2014, and the house that they lived in was assumed to be abandoned, and later haunted. In truth, the family was still alive, kidnapping and experimenting on innocent victims in order to turn them into monstrosities with similar capabilities but much less intelligence.

It is later revealed that his mutations and deformity were primarily caused by a mutated little girl named Eveline (also known as E-001), human-based B.O.W.s bio-engineered by unknown corporation and given abilities to mutate and brainwash other people until she instigated a breakout and escape. She and Mia, her caretaker and one of her creators survive the breakout and discovered by Bakers family and nursed back to health. However, Eveline instigated Baker family's infections and deformations into monsters that set entire events of the game in action.

DLC of the game, "Daughters", revealed how chaotic and heart-wrenching the situation where Jack and his family was infected. While nursing Mia and Eveline back to health, Jack stated to his family that he planned to call in authorities after allowed both of them to stay for a while. Unfortunately, Eveline overheard what he just said and instigated the whole family's infections starting from his wife Marguerite. When Marguerite suddenly attacked Zoe due to infection, Jack goes to stop her, but ultimately succumbed to the infection as much as his wife and Lucas, with devastated Zoe being the least infected and left alone to stop Eveline and monsters that her family have become.

Role in the Game

You thought you could just slip out before dinner was done?
~ Jack spotting Ethan after escaping from dinner.

Ethan Winters arrives at the house three years later searching for his missing wife, Mia. He finds Mia locked in a cell underneath the house, but Mia warns Ethan that "Daddy" is coming. Not long afterwards, Jack ambushes him and drags him to the family house for a grotesque dinner consisting of human body parts. During the dinner, Jack's son Lucas throws tableware at Ethan, prompting Jack to angrily chop off Lucas' hand, although Lucas seems only mildly annoyed. When Ethan spits out what Jack tries to feed him, Jack angrily disfigures Ethan with a knife until he is interrupted by David Anderson, a police officer at the door. Ethan manages to escape from the chair he is in, but is stalked by Jack through the house. He manages to evade Jack and encounters Anderson investigating the house, who tells him to head to the garage. Ethan reaches the garage, but Jack appears once again and cuts Anderson's head into two. Ethan unsuccessfully attempts to kill Jack by shooting him with Anderson's gun and running him over with a car, which eventually explodes, setting Jack aflame. When Ethan attempts to escape up a ladder, a heavily burnt Jack grabs him and attempts to traumatize him by using his gun to blow a large hole in his own brain, seemingly killing Jack.

However, a regenerated Jack appears again in the second floor of the house, ambushing Ethan in a bathroom and chasing him throughout the house once again. Ethan escapes him and reaches the basement, where he discovers the experiments that Jack has been performing on the kidnapped victims. Jack ambushes Ethan again in the basement, kicking him into a small pit and attacking him with an axe. When Ethan resists, Jack retrieves a huge chainsaw while Ethan finds a smaller one and duels Jack, using it to explode a large boil on his upper body, blowing it apart entirely. Jack's legs then walk towards Ethan momentarily before collapsing.

Jack manages to regenerate from his encounter with Ethan, and attacks much later in a boat house as Ethan, Mia, and Zoe attempt to flee. He has taken the heavily mutated form of a massive, incomprehensible blob of black mold covered in eyes. Ethan is able to hold off Jack and injects him with a serum, calcifying him and killing him for good.

Though he was killed, Jack's spirit later comes for Ethan in his appears for the final time in his dream while in the grip of Eveline. He states to Ethan that he never intended to cause him harm, and that all of his actions were done under the influence of Eveline. He states that he and his family took in Eveline after finding her, but then they quickly were overwhelmed and driven to madness by her presence and control. He begs Jack to kill her and free his family. This amicable reunion was made possible by Eveline's fungal root she left behind in LNG carrier Annabelle, the same ship she was transported within before escaping, that stored vestiges of the man and his beloved family's true good selves along with copies of their consciousness.

Unfortunately, as seen in End of Zoe DLC, even though Eveline had been destroyed, it's revealed that due to his advanced mutation, Jack, or what was left from him, eventually regenerates as a Molded and hunting down Zoe, which led to reunion with his estranged brother Joe. Knowing that his brother cannot be saved (Jack's revived Molded form ia technically an out-of-control Mold-infested corpse), Joe fought Jack and finally putting him out of his misery once and for all by saying "This is a farewell from the family, brother!".

If Zoe was cured in the non-canon ending, it's very likely Jack is still alive and roaming the swamps, as Joe wouldn't have fought and killed him. This is because Joe's endeavor to save Zoe was what led to them to confront each other. Had Zoe died, the battle between the brothers would not likely happen.


This is all too fun.
~ Jack if he spots Ethan.

Jack was extremely violent and cruel to his family, as shown when he cut off the hand of Lucas and kicked a chair at Marguerite during the dinner. He takes pleasure in hunting down his victims and frequently taunts Ethan as he hunts him down. He chases Ethan at a moderate walking pace, never sprinting to catch up to him. If Ethan shoots him, he mockingly states that "guns don't work around here". At many points of the game, he has the opportunity to kill Ethan but does not do so, preferring to antagonize and mock Ethan instead. If he catches Ethan in a certain room of the house, he will chop off Ethan's leg and then mock him as he crawls around before allowing him to reattach his leg.

I know I know I know, I'm not going to hurt you. Hell, I never would have if I could have helped it.
~ the real Jack Baker to Ethan.

Even so, given that it was Eveline who brainwashed him in the first place, Jack is in truth, never an uncaring, treacherous, loathsome, and vicious person to begin with. Jack was a strict yet caring man. Through the mold that infected Ethan, he appears in the latter's dream, apologizing for his actions and begged him to kill Eveline in order to put him and his family back to rest. Even so, it was his brother Joe who saved his soul in the end as despite Eveline's death, her out-of control mold ended up resurrected him. True to this, Jack's real self was a strict yet caring family man first and foremost, though not above disciplining his sociopathic son Lucas on some occasions. Even after his corruption at hands of Eveline, many aspects of his real self, albeit twisted and perversed by Eveline in her image of happy family.

During his childhood, Jack had a sibling rivalry with his older brother, Joe when the latter called Jack a wimp who could never defeat him after got his nose broken and clothesline by Joe in the swamp.

For example, during the Bedroom DLC, He and Marguerite begin to argue with each other, but in the end, Jack apologizes for what he said, assuring his wife that his did love her. During the dream sequence in which he begs for Ethan to free his family, Jack states he sympathizes with Eveline, understanding all she wants is to feel loved, also telling Ethan that he and his family are not killers, if not for Eveline they would never hurt anyone.

After Marguerite's death and Zoe's betrayal, he voices his hatred of Ethan, sobbing out his wife's name in grief. When he returns as the Swamp Man and kidnaps Zoe, it is implied that he does this out of his love for her. When Joe confronts him for the last time, Jack puts himself between his brother and his daughter, proclaiming "She's mine!" When Joe reaches for Zoe.

Powers and Abilities

Like the rest of his family, Jack possesses strange powers having to do with the infection taking over his body. Jack is supernaturally strong and persuasive, able to break through walls with ease, and is incredibly resistant to damage, able to shrug off even blasts from a shotgun at point blank range. The only thing able to kill him was repeated trauma from a chainsaw that harmed him through his regenerative capabilities, although even this was not enough to prevent him from coming back later in a more monstrous form. Jack's mutation has granted him the ability to spew a highly toxic yellowish liquid, strong and hefty appendages (at the cost of impeding his moving speed), the ability to bury his malleable body under the depths of mold and soil and an almost complete immunity to conventional damage, while his monstrous form's appearance greatly differed from the other Molded, which seemed to be an unforeseen effect of his later mutations, similarly to his wife whose mutation resulted in her gaining the ability to control insects and spiders as well as a durable, insectoid body.

While he was completely susceptible to physical harm that was capable of killing normal humans, his later mutations made him more resistant to those injuries. In his more horrific Mold monster form, he was immune to everything that Ethan could do to him in spite of shooting his tumor-like eyes which were his weak points. However, fungicide serum created by Zoe, which was meant to cure victims of Mold infections, was able to counteract the regenerative capabilities of the infection by calcifying him due to his mold tissues consuming his bodily cells to the point where attempts to cure him with fungicide were lethal to him.

However, his mutation advanced further, causing his mold tissues to resuscitate and transform him into The Swamp Man. Here, he can alter his mold into a liquid state and use his arms as whips or bludgeons. The mutation has shown that he is agile and able to perform numerous hand-to-hand combat techniques such as an overhead slam.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and your mother is pretty f-cking close to meeting him right now!
~ Jack to Zoe while drowning Marguerite.
When I ask for rope, I expect to get rope. I'm a just gonna have to teach you a lesson.
~ Jack to Zoe.
I'm gon' squash you like a bug. Hope Marguerite didn't hear that.
~ Jack while pursuing Ethan.
Goddammit! How am I going to replace this?
~ Jack if he smashes his kitchen table.
You came to the wrong house, boy.
~ Jack pursuing Ethan.
Ethan! Ethan! EEEEEEETHAN!
~ Jack if not spotted.
You can use this to fix your leg. You can do it.
~ Jack giving Ethan first aid to reattach his leg.
Do I have your attention, boy? You are about to see something wonderful.
~ Jack by forcing Ethan to shoot him.
Heck of a thing, ain't it? Sure as shit beats the hell outta dying.
~ Jack to Ethan upon returning after the garage section.
~ Jack getting his saws.
Zoe, get your ass back to the house, I will deal with you later!
~ Jack's final battle with Ethan.
Oh yeah, oh yeah! That's real nice!
~ Jack's dying words when injected with the antidote.
Jack Baker: Ethan. I know. I know. I know. - I'm not going to hurt you. Hell, I never would have if I could have helped it.
Ethan Winters: What do you mean?
Jack Baker: I'm no killer, son. Neither is Marguerite, nor my boy, Lucas. Or even Zoe here. That girl, Eveline. She did this.
Ethan Winters: What the hell is she? Now what did she do to you?
Jack Baker: She infected us with her gift. That's what she calls it. I found her near a busted-out tanker in the bayou. Everything changed after that.
Ethan Winters: So she infects you, and then she takes control?
Jack Baker: No, not exactly, son. She just- She forces her way into your mind and your soul and... you can't fight back. You are connected to her and you can't resist the urge to. You're a different person after that.
Ethan Winters: Just like Mia. So Mia sent me that message because of Eveline.
Jack Baker: Listen, the girl just wants a family of her own. She is the key, alright? You find her and you stop her. Ethan, free my family - please.
~ The real Jack Baker to Ethan about Eveline.
She's mine!
~ Jack's last words to Joe before their final battle.


  • In the early concept, Jack was named "Daddy", who was head of a family of deranged killers.
  • He was based on Jack Torrance, from The Shining.
  • In Resident Evil Village, Eveline reveals that Jack actually killed Ethan during their first encounter before reviving him with the mold.


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