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Jack Friday is one of the antagonists turned protagonist of the manga Mobile Suit Crossbones Gundam Ghost. He is a member of the mercenary group Thoucus, and would be the first member of said group that encounter Font.


Jack loves to fight and takes great joy in killing opponents, as shown when he suddenly attacked the Zanscare force that he seemingly worked with. Despite this, Jack is very protective towards kids, even is willing to betray the Thoucus for that. Eventually, after being hired by Font, he becomes less prone towards killing enemies, even sparing Mermaid Noubrade after defeating her.


Jack was originally a murderous criminal who would be hired by Quo Gray, the leader of Thoucus. At some point, he was sent to assist a Zanscare squad in killing Font, who obtained the data of the Zanscare Empire weapon Angel Halo. However, he betrayed the Zanscare squad and wiped them out easily since they interrupted his battle with Curtis. During the battle, Curtis managed to slam a building on Jack's Desphys. Curtis and Font then successfully escaped from Side 3.

Then, when the Thoucus are having a talk with a Zanscare ship, Jack, together with other Thoucus members, would be present. During their talk, the Serpiente Tacon attacked together with League Militair, the captain of the Zanscare ship, piloting the Mobile Suit Zong, who would also attack Thoucus since the captain was abandoned by Kizo Dogatie. In the end, Jack managed to destroy the Zong and battled the Serpiente Tacon, but they escaped by using gas tanks.

Soon, Jack together with other Thoucus members were sent to take over the Cartoon Meat space colony, as Kizo had the Thoucus to capture kids and execute them in order to force Font to surround to them. Font and Belle sneaked in the colony with a Victory Gundam, only to be easily defeated by Jack, who spared them and brought them to Thoucus' mothership. When Kizo is taunting Font about executing those kids, Jack was unhappy about it, and beat Font up for not surrounding Kizo, since it would get the kids killed. He then secretly helped Jack in hijacking the Phantom Gundam. He is then seen getting drunk and refusing to fight. However, after he was informed that Font successfully piloted the Phantom, he eagerly entered combat. Once Font got the kids to safety, Jack attacked Font, and Gordon pressed Font to the ground while telling Jack not to move. Jack then watch nervously as Quo was ready to execute a kid, but Font activated the Phantom's burst mode and easily threw Gordon and later Jack to the ground. Gordon attempted to kill Font and Belle to take them with him, only for a wounded Jack to rush and slice through Gordon's Galahad's cockpit, fatally wounding Gordon. Jack then put Gordon out of his misery, and was captured by Serpentine Tacon, where he was put in prison after interrogation.

However, Font, who received a large amount of prize money from one of the kid's parents, hired Jack with it to have him help them at fighting the Zanscare Empire. Jack's first mission with Font would be stopping Kizo from obtaining the Angel's Call on Jaburo. After landing, Jack combatted Mermaid Noubrade, Jack's lover and Gordon's sister. Swearing revenge for her brother. Mermaid attacked Jack with her Carmelo. At first, the Carmelo's long legs that allowed it to stand above shallow water gave Mermaid advantages over Jack. However, as the battle goes on, Jack broke through the river bank and fell into the Jaburo underground base with Mermaid. Just before Jack was ready to kill Mermaid, Font screamed to stop him, and thus Jack spared her, marking his redemption.


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