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Jack Hammer is an antagonist in Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja.


Jack Hammer was a robot that is too complex for Viceroy to control, so he installed it's control panel in the local arcade for fans of video games to play..

Coincidentally, it was found by Howard, who was presently in a feud with Randy over who could win the most games. Randy was forced to go fight, and shocked to discover Jack Hammer was real with Howard controlling him, who thought it was all a game.

As such, the city was being destroyed, with Jack Hammer being too big and powerful to stop. Randy tried to tell Howard, but thinking he was trying to trick him to win, but Howard didn't believe him and captured Randy. Breaking out. Randy realized the only way to stop him was to let Howard win, so he rolled with the blows until Howard got a big enough score to win. Afterwards. Howard had Jack Hammer jump off a cliff, destroying the robot.