I need the money.
~ Hammond to Marks.

Jack Hammond is the secondary antagonist of the 2014 mystery-action film Non-Stop. He is a Federal Air Marshal working on the flight, who is secretly working for Tom Bowen and Zack White.

He was portrayed by Anson Mount.


Hammond is one of the two U.S. federal air marshals (the other being the film's protagonist Bill Marks) on British Aqualantic Flight 10, a non-stop flight going from New York to London. He is first seen in the bathroom with Marks before the flight. Marks is shown to be stressed for various reasons, and Hammond offers him a drug to calm him down. 

During the flight, Marks receives text messages from an unknown person saying that someone on the plane will die in 20 minutes unless $150 million dollars is transferred to a specific bank account. Marks at first accuses Hammond, but Hammond proves his innocence by giving his phone to Marks. Marks seeks more help with determining who it is that sent the text messages. Marks discovers that Hammond has cocaine in his briefcase, which strongly suggests that Hammond has a part in the plot at hand. At first Hammond acts like he will explain himself, but very quickly he and Marks engage in a fight. Hammond tells Marks "I need the money," and he proceeds to take out a gun. Before he can do anything else, Marks is forced snap Hammond's neck, killing him in self defense (which very interestingly happens 20 minutes after the text messages were read by Marks). 

Towards the end of the film, it is revealed that a bomb is in Hammond's briefcase; a bomb that was kept hidden by the cocaine. This confirms that Hammond was secretly working with the film's main antagonists

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