Jack Hardemeyer

Jack Hardemeyer

Jack Hardemeyer was the Mayor Lenny's assistant in Ghostbusters II until the Mayor finally and promptly fired the weasel for throwing the Ghostbusters into a psychiatric hospital and not looking out for the Mayor's best interests during the Vigo incident. Hardemeyer is a supporting antagonist in Ghostbusters 2. Hardemeyer was hired by the B.U.F.O on "The Pacific Monthly" Issue #15. Peck had maintain some measure of control and gave carte blance to cut whatever deals he could. Jack called in a lot of favors to get merchandising deals secured. His primary duty was to help coordinate the New Ghostbusters' caseload.


  • In the February 27, 1989 version of the Ghostbusters II script, Jack was sucked into the slime shell surrounding the Manhattan Museum of Art.
  • In the Ghost Busted manga, Jack wears contact lenses and owned a scooter.
  • He is similar to Walter Peck.


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